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General Contractor

What It’s Like to Work as a General Contractor

Nearly 70 percent of General Contractors are self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with many individuals working within this profession performing temporary work for various employers on a per-project basis. Regardless of the employment arrangements, a General Contractor is involved with every step of the construction process. Since a General Contractor must be on-site for each project, travel is often required. The duration of the the work can vary, ranging from a few weeks to several months.

Benefits of Working as a General Contractor

The availability of work is often dependent on factors such as the weather. However, some markets are more evergreen than others, with Florida and Texas often referenced as prime locations. If you have excellent leadership skills, you’ll definitely benefit from the many challenges involved with this occupation, including hiring plumbers, electricians, and other professionals to get a job done within a specific period of time. Compensation for someone working within this field is often determined with each project. However, some General Contractors do receive a salary when working for the same employer on a long-term basis.

Why You Need a General Contractor Cover Letter

If this is your chosen profession, you’ll definitely want to get off on the right foot with a well-crafted General Contractor cover letter. While you want to make your cover letter more personal than your resume, you still want to maintain a professional attitude while referencing some of your best qualities. Since the construction industry can be competitive, a cover letter can be an effective way to make a good impression on someone who only gives each resume about 10-15 seconds worth of attention. Brush up your General Contractor cover letter by taking a moment to browse the samples on MyPerfectResume.

General Contractor Cover Letter Example