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Journeymen Masons Bricklayers Cover Letter Example + Tips

journeymen masons bricklayers cover letter sample

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What It’s Like to Work as a Journeyman Mason Bricklayer

A Journeyman Mason Bricklayer will usually be working as part of a team in outdoor environments, typically after completing an apprenticeship. The work environment is very much hands-on, with tasks ranging from mixing concrete and grout to unloading bricks and related tools of the trade to complete various residential and commercial projects. The availability of work within this profession varies by location and season, with Florida, California, North Carolina, and Texas among the leading states for construction-related jobs such as this, according to Bureau of Labor occupational statistics.

Benefits of Working as a Journeyman Mason Bricklayer

Most Journeymen Mason Bricklayers benefit from union memberships along with steady work due to the evergreen nature of the construction business, especially in climates where nearly year-round work is available. Most employers offer steady hours, sometimes including evenings and weekends with occasional overtime offered to stick to project completion timelines. According to national salary data, Journeymen Mason Bricklayers can expect to benefit from an annual salary of approximately $47,000, with specific salaries and hourly wages varying based on location.

Why You Need a Journeyman Mason Bricklayer Cover Letter

A Journeyman Mason Bricklayer cover letter is generally recommended if you want to give yourself an added advantage over candidates with similar qualifications. If you’re coming off of an apprenticeship, for instance, relevant experience and a few brief examples of tasks you handled on a regular basis can be easily referenced within your cover letter to grab the attention of a perspective employer. Unlike a resume, an effective cover letter should speak directly to a single employer. However, each paragraph should still have a focus. Need some help putting together your Journeyman Mason Bricklayer cover letter? Take a moment to browse the samples on MyPerfectResume.


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