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Barber Cover Letter Example + Tips

Cover letters are a way for prospective employers to get to know you better than just a list of your experience on a resume can. It’s a chance for you to highlight your skills and how they apply specifically to the job opening being advertised.On way to get started writing your own cover letter is by using a free barber cover letter sample. With the ideas here and the additional tips, you can be sure that you’ve included all the necessary elements to help you get the position you want.

Dear Mr. Jones,

While it may be unusual these days, I became a barber following the example of my father and grandfather. I grew up sitting in their shops and listening to their stories. There, I learned that being a good barber is more than just having good techniques; it’s about customer service as well.

In the last six years, I have had the opportunity to practice my skills at a hotel, where I had the chance to see a large number of people, each with very different needs. It allowed me to expand my creativity as well as my listening skills, so that each client left satisfied.

When I saw your advertisement, however, it really spoke to me, as it will give the opportunity to take my experiences and use them on regular clients. I’ve missed seeing people on a monthly basis, interacting with them, and becoming part of their lives. I welcome the chance to work for large neighborhood shop where I can set down roots.

I look forward to meeting you with great anticipation and learning more about your operations and how I can fit in. Thank you for your time.

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What to Include in a Barber Cover Letter

Using this free barber cover letter sample as a guide, you can add in your experience as it relates to the specific position you are applying for. Try to do more than repeat what you have put in your resume. Instead, use examples to illustrate your skills and personality.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

While you are writing your cover letter using the free barber cover letter sample above to guide you, there are some skills that you can highlight as they related to the job opening.

● Customer Service: A barber needs to not only be friendly but also to be a good listener, understanding what the client is looking for and providing it.
● Cleanliness: This is important for the safety of clients and will also help ensure that they keep coming back to see the same barber on a regular basis.
● Time Management: A barber will normally have a really busy schedule of clients, which must be kept to so that no one runs late.
● Creativity: Great barbers know how to use their creativity to give clients the look that they want.


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