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Cosmetologist Cover Letter Example + Tips

A cover letter needs to really sell you to the hiring manager. It needs to be industry specific so you can explain how your skills and experience match what the company is looking for. With a carefully crafted cover letter, you are able to really explain why you should be hired. To get a better idea of what one should look like, check out the free cosmetologist cover letter sample below. Also, read through the tips that follow it for additional advice.

Dear Ms. Sheets,

You need a cosmetologist who can handle requests ranging from a tight classic perm to two-toned highlights to a cutting-edge style. I am the person that fits those needs perfectly. My skills and experience prove I can handle anything your varied clientele may request.

I’m fully licensed with 20 years of experience standing behind the chair. My portfolio is filled with images of the various work I have completed in this time. I have seen many trends come and go and have perfected each of them, along with mastering the classics that always seem to be popular.

If your clients need something special, I am the go-to gal. I have created everything from intricately braided updos for a wedding party of 15 to a spiral perm on a woman with five-feet-long hair. Nothing intimidates me, which is why I know your demanding clients won’t be difficult for me to handle.

I would like to discuss the positon and my fit with your company further. I am available immediately to begin working. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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What to Include in a Cosmetologist Cover Letter

After reviewing the free cosmetologist cover letter sample, read over these tips for some additional advice. You always want your cover letter to explain why the company should hire you. Stay focused and avoid going off topic. Remember your goal is to get hired, so only include things that speak to you as an employee and what makes you a good fit for the company. Also, keep things brief. You want to fill a page and no more.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Your cover letter needs to mirror the free cosmetologist cover letter sample in showing your skills, but it should also include some of the following industry specific skills.

● Tidiness: Your work can get messy and you need to be able to keep things as clean as possible to avoid issues with clients.
● Creativity: You need to have artistic skills to be able to create and design hairstyles.
● Listening skills: You have to be able to listen to clients’ needs in order to give them what the desire.
● Physical stamina: You’ll be standing and bending throughout your whole day.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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