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Stylist Cover Letter Example + Tips

A cover letter is how you introduce yourself to a prospective employer. Having a letter that is written for each specific job allows you to address the needs of the position directly. Along with your resume, this information will help determine if you are asked for an interview. Consulting a free stylist cover letter sample, like the one below, will help you get started with your own letter. Read the following tips to gain the best understanding of the process.

Dear Ms. Schear,

The open position of stylist at your salon is a job I have dreamed about having for years. I have trained for many years to become a stylist, and have remained informed to the latest trends and techniques. With my experience and education, I believe that I am the best person for the job.

Your job listing states that applicants should be licensed. I have completed the most current licensing requirements for this state, and I have pursued ongoing education.

I have five years of experience working with a variety of clientele, and will be able to assist the men and women who frequent your business. My experiences make me prepared with the dexterity and listening skills that are necessary for success in this field.

I am eager to begin work immediately, and have met all of the qualifications necessary to hold this position. Thank you so much for considering my application, and I look forward to discussing it with you further in a job interview.

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What to Include in a Stylist Cover Letter

Use this free stylist cover letter sample as a starting point. Your letter should be succinct and should state the job you are applying for, why you are qualified, and when you will be available to begin working. Be sure to use a professional voice throughout your letter. Highlight your strengths and experiences that are not listed or obvious from your resume. Use this information to emphasize why you are the best candidate for this position.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

A cover letter should be tailored to suit each job you apply to. Customizing the above free stylist cover letter sample is an excellent place to start. Be sure to include industry specific skills. The following details could be included for the position of a stylist.

● Active listening: As a stylist, active listening skills are necessary to meet the expectations of the customer.
● Manual dexterity: Stylists must have the ability to move their hands and arms in ways that allow them to manipulate the tools necessary for styling hair.
● Stamina: Many stylist positions require standing for extended periods of time, often while arms are slightly elevated while working.
● Service orientation: Stylists are typically continually actively seeking to help people with their appearance, and many stylists benefit from having advanced service skills.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

Taking the first step toward writing a cover letter can be scary, especially if you’re unsure about what to focus on for a particular line of work. Browse our collection of industry-specific cover letter samples and learn about what to zero in on your cover letter!