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Field Technician

Job Description & Responsibilities Field technicians are mobile repair professionals. They travel to sites for the purpose of examining products, diagnosing issues, and correcting them. The field technician cover letter will detail if a candidate has worked in a repair center or for a specific manufacturer. They can be responsible for a particular product or handle makes and models of many types. These professionals fit in a wide range of industries, sent out to look at products that cannot be transported due to size or complexity. They’ll work on heating and ventilation units, computers and computer networks, security systems, diesel engines, appliances, televisions and stereos, farm and factory machines, and more. Education & Training The field technician cover letter will effectively convey that the candidate has mastered the subtleties of maintaining the most advanced equipment in their category. While these professionals do report to supervisors and project managers, they are mostly on their own, working independently at sites. That means field technicians will require exceptional customer service skills. They must be flexible and prepared for unexpected emergencies that can throw agendas out the window. Educational background will be dependent on the industry and projects. While the core of the field work will be maintenance and repair, the skill level will be varied. Field technicians with expertise in information technology will likely need, depending on employer, a degree or certification, and experience. Diesel engine technicians will need to have taken appropriate vocational programs. Field technicians that work with appliances, like refrigerator or stereo systems, may require less formal education as these positions could come with on-the-job training. Salary Range The availability of these positions will always be influenced by skill level and industry. Candidates with all the right training, experience, and advanced skills will have better opportunities. This is also true for field technicians that work in a tight niche industry like farming and other heavy equipment, vending machines, or computer related technology. According to 2012 statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, field technicians that specialized in office machines and ATMs were making 38,000 dollars annually, as did techs working on farming equipment. Sample Field Technician Cover Letter To make sure your field technician cover letter stands out, review the sample below. It’s an excellent start for structuring an introduction to hiring managers.

Field Technician Cover Letter Example