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Event Planner

What an Event Planner Does Event planners coordinate weddings, business meetings, retreats, and other important events. The success or failure of an event rests on their shoulders. Some of their responsibilities include: – Meeting with clients to discuss the upcoming event – Reserving venues – Hiring caterers, musicians, florists, photographers, etc – Managing the budget – Resolving any problems that arise What to Include in an Event Planner Cover Letter If you are going to expect a company to hand over control of their important events to you, your event planner cover letter needs to ooze competence. Here are some points that you may want to include on your event planner cover letter. – Education: A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management is the ideal educational background for event planners. – Experience: It is practically impossible to land a job in this field without some type of real-life experience. Complete an intern-ship or volunteer to plan a charitable event and mention that experience in your event planner cover letter. – Creativity: Talk about a time where you thought outside the box to solve a problem in your event planner cover letter. – Time management: Event planners have to get everything done by the deadline. If you have ever had to plan an event at the last moment and were miraculously able to pull it off, tell that story in your event planner cover letter. – Quick-thinking: Murphy’s law most definitely applies to event planning, so show your clients that you can come up with a creative solution for any crisis. – Organization: You need to be able to keep track of all the event details and keep everyone on task. Advancement Opportunities While the average event planner makes just under 50,000 dollars, high earners can bring home nearly 80,000 dollars. To land the high-paying positions, you need to establish a reputation for planning great events and write a killer cover letter. View the sample event planner cover letter below for more help.

Event Planner Cover Letter Example