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Bus Boy Cover Letter Example + Tips

There are numerous tips and tricks for crafting the perfect job resume, and there are plenty of other tips for writing an outstanding cover letter. Both documents play an important role in getting a new job, and both need to follow a certain format so that an employer wants to meet you for an interview. This free busboy cover letter sample is a good start to get you going, but you should also follow the advice of the tips immediately following it.

Dear Mr. Cohen,

I have loved eating at Toni’s Ristorante ever since I was a child. Now, I hope to work at Toni’s as a busboy to help the restaurant in any way I can.

For eight months, I have worked as a dishwasher, so I am familiar with the proper way to clean and stack dishes. I take these duties very seriously. At my last job, I would sometimes stay for an hour after we closed to make sure every dish was cleaned. That way the morning shift would not have to worry about having clean dishes the next day.

I also consider myself to be a true team player, which this job requires according to the description. I am always looking for ways to help out around the business, even if they are not necessarily my jobs to do. For example, several of our workers got sick last year, so we were short-staffed for a week. I picked up a few extra shifts, but I also did duties that were not ordinarily assigned to me, such as cooking food or greeting people at the door.

I am excited at the prospect of putting my skills to work at Toni’s. Thank you for reading this, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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What to Include in a Busboy Cover Letter

You want the opening paragraph to capture the reader’s interest, so starting with an anecdote can be beneficial. Keep a respectful tone throughout the paper like this free busboy cover letter sample does. You only need two body paragraphs that go over your skill set and experiences. Make sure skills and accomplishments you mention are relevant to the position you want. The conclusion needs to end gracefully, summarize your qualifications, and state your interest in an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The main abilities you want to mention in your cover letter are those that would come in handy for the position you want to be offered. Here are a few relevant to the free busboy cover letter sample above.

● Detail-oriented: As you are cleaning tables, not a single spot can be missed.
● Physical stamina: You may spend entire shifts on your feet, so you should be in good enough shape to do that.
● Customer service: You will be interacting with patrons, so you should be kind, courteous, and polite.
● Team player: You need to work well with the waiters, dishwashers, and everyone else at the restaurant to ensure a productive environment.


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