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Busser Cover Letter Example + Tips

busser cover letter sample

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What a Busser Does

Bussers work in bars and restaurants. While wait staff and bartenders are front and center, bussers are in the background. When large parties are being served, it’s a busser that helps bring the meals to the table. Bussers may clean up the table after guests have vacated, and reset it for the next party. Bussers refill napkins and do the running when the kitchen needs to be restocked.Bussers need to be patient as they will be asked to wash, mop, or rush off to wipe down a bathroom. They give servers and managers room to function by providing the next level of customer attentiveness and maintaining the environment’s neat appearance. Jobs in this field are expected to expand regularly between now and 2020. Now may be an excellent time to get in before these jobs grow in demand and become harder to get.


A busser position does not require any specific level of education. Hiring managers usually fill these positions knowing training may be necessary. If you do have some experience in the food services industry, that should be quickly noted in the cover letter. General qualifications will be a high level of dedication to customer service. Bussers will need a relaxed and friendly demeanor for dealing with management, customers, and servers.They should be prepared to spend long days on their feet, possibly lifting and cleaning any number of objects depending on the business. They must be the ultimate team player, joining with other bussers, servers, cooks, bartenders, and management for a single purpose, creating a great dining experience for customers.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the hourly median salary for bussers in 2010 was $8.75 an hour. Sample Busser Cover Letter A busser cover letter has to clearly demonstrate one’s interest and ability to provide capable support in food service. You can use the sample busser cover letter below to show hiring managers why you’re the right person for the job. If you’re new to the business, the busser cover letter should show how you have the courteousness, demeanor, and the ability to provide the quick service needed to help restaurants stay at the top of their game.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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