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Restaurant Server Cover Letter Example + Tips

server cover letter example

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What It’s like to Work in the Server Field

A server’s primary role is to provide excellent customer service. Servers work within the entertainment industry and typically are employed by cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, and other venues. Duties include taking orders, serving drinks and food, cleaning tables and floors, setting tables, answering customer inquiries about various menu items, and providing recommendations. Other duties include greeting and seating guests, processing payment, scheduling reservations, and sending orders to the kitchen.
Since the main requirement is to provide good customer service, servers must be polite, have great interpersonal skills, listen well, and be knowledgeable about the menu items. Moreover, working quickly and managing time well is important, especially when there are a lot of customers in the restaurant.

Benefits of Working in the Server Field

Many servers get paid a few dollars per hour by the company, but after tips, that amount usually ranges between $10 and $15 per hour. At upscale restaurants and bars, that amount can easily exceed $20 per hour. Other companies pay per hour. While most servers work part time and don’t get full benefits, others get at least partial benefits. However, some companies offer full benefits to their servers.
The outlook for this field is positive, too. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that this field will grow in the coming years. Additionally, by gaining more experience and obtaining additional education in the entertainment or food and beverage sector, servers can get promoted within their company to a salaried managerial role.
Servers also get the chance to make someone’s dining experience enjoyable. Many servers cite the chance to brighten a customer’s day as being a reason for choosing the job.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

While a resume can show a candidate’s relevant skills and work experience, a server cover letter can demonstrate to the employer an applicant’s suitable personal characteristics, solid work ethic, and willingness to learn. A well-crafted server cover letter can make the difference between being called for an interview and the application being discarded. Those looking to write a server cover letter can use resources such as MyPerfectResume to help.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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