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Food Runner Cover Letter Example + Tips

With many job applications, resumes are half of the picture while cover letters make up the other half. Use your cover letter to detail your industry experience and to explain why you are a great fit for the open job. We have provided a free food runner cover letter sample below, so read it and the sections that follow for important tips.

Dear Mr. Barksdale,

As a restaurant owner, you no doubt know that food runners can be a secret weapon. Smart and efficient runners help servers and kitchen staff alike, leading to happier customers and increased customer loyalty. I am an ideal fit for the food runner job posted on Craigslist; as my resume shows, I have diverse restaurant experience and important soft skills such as organization and communication.

Numbers tell part of my story. I have three years of experience as a waiter, two years as a cook, and two years as a hostess. I am looking forward to having a job that combines all of these aspects of my experience, and as I enjoy thinking on my toes and moving around, a food runner job truly is ideal.

Customers go out to eat for various reasons. Perhaps they want a break from cooking or are celebrating an occasion. Maybe they just want to try something different. Whatever the reason, it is important that their food arrives promptly and that communication occurs if difficulties arise. Online modules on food runners as a last line of defense and on handling upset customers have reinforced my hands-on training in making customers happy.

I look forward to the challenges that working as a food runner for your restaurant will bring. I thank you for the time you have taken to read this letter, and I look forward to discussing my expertise in an interview.

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What to Include in a Food Runner Cover Letter

This free food runner cover letter sample goes over several important issues. For example, it details the applicant’s experience in the food service industry and talks about soft skills such as communication and quick thinking. It is also four paragraphs, with clear introductory and concluding paragraphs.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

While the free food runner cover letter sample may give you good ideas for your own letter, it is important to use soft skills you possess and match them to skills listed in the job description. Generally, the following skills are required for food runners.

● Attention to detail: Food runners often serve as the last set of eyes on a dish before it goes to customers. Runners must ensure that orders are correct and that the food looks pleasing.
● Communication: Food runners tend to coordinate the different parts of an order with different kitchen staff. For example, a runner may need to talk with salad prep staff, appetizer staff, and meat cooks.
● Observation: Observational skills are key so that food runners can identify situations, such as customers who have been waiting too long for their food.
● Professionalism: Food runners must act professionally when communicating with upset customers.


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