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Wait Staff Cover Letter Example + Tips

If you are on the hunt for your next wait staff gig, then you know competition is fierce. Having a standout cover letter is the key to putting your application to the head of the pack, and that means highlighting your skills and experience in a way that meets the needs outlined in the job listing. To get some idea how that looks when you put it together, check out this free wait staff cover letter sample.

Dear Mr. Taffer,

I am applying for the open wait staff position at your new pub, as advertised in the local paper. I think I am the ideal candidate because, although most of my experience is in casual dining, I have valuable experience in a high-end establishment with a full bar.

I have held wait staff positions over the last five years in restaurants with robust dining menus that include wine and beer, as well as desserts. This gives me the ability to answer your call for wait staff that knows how to emphasize the importance of house specials and specialty menu items.

You also mentioned versatility in your ad. I started in the industry as a bar back, so I do have some experience with bar stock and rotation, and I am able to fill in as needed in other operations.

I have enjoyed success in several wait staff roles, and I would be excited to put my skills to work for you. Please allow me to discuss my candidacy further in an interview setting. Thank you for your consideration.

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What to Include in a Wait Staff Cover Letter

Keep in mind that most of your skills are acquired on the job, so experience really counts. Your cover letter should highlight a couple of the basic skills outlined in the ad, but it should also find a way to communicate any industry-specific skills you have acquired. If you have extensive experience in the industry, be sure to highlight those positions, as shown in the free wait staff cover letter sample. Otherwise, you can discuss how other jobs or training opportunities have given you some grasp of the basic skills required to wait tables.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Whether you use these phrases or you show different evidence from your past experience, work on adding more depth to your cover letter. As you follow the free wait staff cover letter sample, work in some discussion of these skills:

● Strong communicator: You need to be able to communicate information to customers clearly, and also to the kitchen staff.
● Customer service skills: It’s not just important to inform the customer, but to also know how to keep them happy.
● Dependability: Wait staff turnover is high, and demonstrating a track record of reliable service makes a desirable applicant.
● Attention to detail: To keep orders straight, you need to know who asked for what, and which special accommodations dishes need.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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