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Guest Service Associate Cover Letter Example + Tips

guest service associate cover letter example

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What It’s like to Work in the Guest Service Field

A guest service associate mainly works in the hospitality industry at businesses such as a salon, fitness center, and hotel. Their main duty is to be the face of the organization. In addition to answering phone calls, accepting reservations, making cancellations, and monitoring all check-ins, a guest service associate is also expected to cordially greet guests as they arrive, take requests, and resolve any issues the guests may have. Also, at many companies, guest service associates handle transactions and bookkeeping, calculate the total bill amount at check-out, and make sure all cash is put away in a safe.
Depending on the work day and the type of company, a guest service associate’s duties can vary. For instance, at a hotel, a day could include tasks such as making a wake-up call, accepting a package, taking a meal request, and transferring callers to the appropriate department. Overall, though, all guest service associates are responsible for ensuring the safety and satisfaction of the customer.

Benefits of Working in the Guest Service Field

On average, guest service associates make $28,000 per year and receive full benefits at many companies. Since the hospitality industry largely promotes from within, if they work hard, learn the industry, and take additional courses, guest service associates can obtain promotions within the customer service department or move to a different department.
In addition to the career opportunities, many find working as a guest service associate rewarding because they get the chance to use their interpersonal skills to help make a customer’s experience better. The chance to see a guest leave happy is the most rewarding aspect of the job for a lot of guest service associates.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

This position requires great communication skills, patience, attention to detail, and a desire to help others. A resume highlights one’s experience and skill set. However, a guest service associate cover letter can display that one has those valuable traits that would make them great for the job. A well-written guest service associate cover letter gives a candidate a better chance at landing a particular job. For those looking for direction, know that the guest service associate cover letter templates available at MyPerfectResume are a great place to begin.


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