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Human Resources Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

It can take a while to truly master the art of writing a great cover letter. However, once you have a little practice under your belt, you will be utterly confident the next time you send this document to a hiring manager. This is your chance to expand on ideas that were first revealed in your resume, so do not waste this opportunity. Get ideas by reading this free human resources manager cover letter sample. If you need further guidance, this sample is accompanied by some writing tips.

Dear Ms. Dalton,

As you have stated in your job description, you require a human resources manager who is ethical, customer-oriented, and a real team leader. Having spent the last seven years working within human resources, I have gained all the attributes you are looking for in a qualified candidate.

Part of being ethical means doing what is right, which is not always what is easy. For example, at a previous position, we had quite a lot on our plate, and we had another client wanting us to take on a project for them. After reviewing everything that would be asked of us, I determined it would not be in anyone’s best interest for our team to take on more than we could chew. Although the account would have been quite profitable, we did not have the resources at the time to effectively carry it out. Instead, we focused on the clients we did have, and they all remained satisfied with the work we did.

Although I was not a manager at my last position, I did gain experience with leading teams. I took it upon myself to take on one particular account. I delegated responsibilities based on everyone’s strengths, and we were actually able to complete the project a week ahead of schedule.

Thank you for reading my application. If you have any questions about my background or skill set, please get in touch.

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What to Include in a Human Resources Manager Cover Letter

As can be observed from the free human resources manager cover letter sample, your own document should only be about four paragraphs long. It should get straight to the point, avoid rambling sentences, and provide concrete statements of what you did in the past. Never speak negatively of the competition, including your past employers. Do not make your letter sound like a commercial by having a lot of cliché phrases that do not really mean anything. Lastly, always thank the person for reading.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

You want to talk about qualities any hiring manager would look for in a human resources manager. Here are a few that would feel right at home in the free human resources manager cover letter sample above.

● Speaking skills: You will regularly need to give presentations and discuss matters with your staff.
● Leadership: Overseeing the department will require you to delegate efficiently.
● Decision-making: Decisions may need to be made in a moment’s notice. You should be familiar with weighing options quickly to reach a valid conclusion.
● Organizational: It is essential you are comfortable with organizing multiple projects simultaneously.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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