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Client/Server Technician

What It’s Like to Work as a Client/Server Technician

A Client/Server Technician supports the network infrastructure of several clients, often other businesses. Most of the work is done on-site due to the complex nature of most servers designed for business use. Work within this field typically includes supporting back-end systems, replacing bad sticks of RAM, updating and installing application software, monitoring desktop systems, troubleshooting server issues, and assisting with the installation or replacement of servers. While work hours are typically the standard 40 hours, some new hires may be required to work flexible shifts or remain on-call for employers providing emergency support services to clients.

Benefits of Working as a Client/Server Technician

Client/Server Technicians benefit from challenging work that often includes an assortment of issues, from routine troubleshooting to comprehensive server repairs. Since clients in today’s business environment tend to require a fully functioning server to handle many business tasks, not to mention ongoing data storage needs, work within field is usually steady. Employees performing well within this profession tend to benefit from advancement opportunities based on job performance. Client/Server Technicians earn a median salary of $45,000 annually, based on an average of all salaries within this particular occupation.

Why You Need a Client/Server Technician Cover Letter

Due to expected continual growth within the tech support industry, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projections, a Client/Server Technician cover letter is definitely a must for any qualified candidate hoping to make the critical first impression a positive one. A cover letter is an ideal place to display some personality traits that don’t usually come through on an attached resume, which should be more structure. Need help with your own Client/Server Technician cover letter? Take a moment to browse the samples on MyPerfectResume.

Client/Server Technician Cover Letter Example