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Legal Billing Clerk

What It’s Like to Work in the Legal Billing Field

Legal billing clerks serve an invaluable role for law offices, as they are responsible for ensuring the firm receives money for its services and that the client is satisfied with the bill. The main duties of a billing clerk include tracking expenses and billable hours, verifying rates, calculating and sending invoices, and collecting payments. Clerks also are responsible for addressing any issues or questions the client may have about a bill.
Since legal billing clerks mostly deal with numbers, they are expected to have solid quantitative skills. Also, as technology improves, computer skills, especially knowledge of Microsoft Office products, are highly valued. Legal billing clerks also interact with clients, which means it’s important for them to have great interpersonal skills.

Benefits of Working in the Legal Billing Field

Legal billing clerks start at roughly $30,000 per year, and can expect to make considerably more once they have gained more experience. Although this is largely considered an entry-level position, billing clerks have ample opportunity for promotion within most law firms. If they work hard, learn about the legal industry, and seek additional education, they can obtain promotions to a variety of positions. For legal billing clerks, the most common growth opportunities are within the accounting department of a law office.
In addition to fiscal benefits and growth opportunities, legal billing clerks also play a role in helping clients. By properly billing clients and handling their concerns, they can ensure long-lasting relationships between the firm and the client.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Law firms want legal billing clerks with experience and/or the skills to handle the responsibilities of the position. In addition to sending a resume, a cover letter is a great chance to show why one would make a great legal billing clerk at a company. A well-crafted cover letter gives candidates a better chance at landing the job. Resources such as MyPerfectResume are great for those trying to figure out how to write the best possible cover letter.

Legal Billing Clerk Cover Letter Example