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Maintenance Mechanic Cover Letter Example + Tips

Cover letters are important for making sure that your resume gets read and you are more likely to be called in for an interview. They allow you to highlight your skills in a way that will make you seem like the ideal candidate for the specific position, and also allow you to show more of your personality so that the employer can realize you would be a good fit for the company.A smart way to help you get started is to use a free maintenance mechanic cover letter sample like this one. By following its guidance and using the additional tips, you will be more likely to include everything you need to be considered favorably.

Dear Mr. Slate,

I’m writing to apply for the job opening for a maintenance mechanic at the XYZ Company. Having filled a similar position for the last five years in Pittsburgh before recently moved to this area, I’m sure I have the exact set of skills you’re looking for.

In the course of my employment, I’ve worked on a wide range of machinery, both light and heavy, and have had the opportunity to work both individually as well as in a team. I enjoy both situations, learning from my workmates but also troubleshooting on my own.

I am used to working in a fast-paced environment where there is a lot going on and not as much time as we might like to do it. I know it’s important to get the job done right as quickly as possible, but without compromising safety.

I look forward to the chance to meet with you in person and discuss how my abilities can work well with your team. Thank you for this opportunity.

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What to Include in a Maintenance Mechanic Cover Letter

This free maintenance mechanic cover letter sample provides a good guide to how you can highlight your relevant skills to show that you are right for a specific position. Try not to repeat what is in your resume, be polite, and thank the person who is reading your application. The letter should also be addressed to named individual rather than a general salutation.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

As you can see from the above free maintenance mechanic cover letter sample, you can add in a bit of your personal aptitudes in addition to technical ones. Here are some skills specific to this type of position that you can also highlight.

● Mechanical Ability: Obviously a mechanic must have good mechanical skills, first and foremost.
● Troubleshooting Skills: Being able to determine what a problem is quickly and address it efficiently is key.
● Dexterity: Oftentimes machinery has tight spaces that need to be worked with, so manual dexterity can help tremendously.
● Organizational Skills: This refers to keeping workspace and tools well organized, as well as to organizing your workday so that the most important tasks are prioritized.


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