Lab Assistant Cover Letter Example + Tips

Quite often, a great deal of focus is centered on creating the perfect resume, while a cover letter is viewed as simply a formality. However, a stellar cover letter can boost your odds at scoring an interview and highlight the strengths that make you right for the job. Check out this free lab assistant cover letter sample for ideas that will help you stand out.

Dear Mr. McCurdy,

As a leader in the current medical field, Advanced Family Medicine requires the aid of a lab assistant who understands the importance of quality work. I believe I possess the skills necessary to represent the organization in a positive light and adhere to important quality regulations.

In a medical setting, careful handling of samples and experience with recording data are essential not only to the company’s success, but to the health of patients. During previous employment, I was responsible for analysis of a wide variety of samples. I also became proficient at operating sophisticated equipment, which was necessary to obtain valuable information on patients.

I am familiar with electronic data entry and privacy practices and am able to work efficiently while maintaining proper procedures. I believe that my experience and my understanding of the importance of accuracy in medical analysis make me a qualified candidate to fill this position.

I have seven years of experience in the field of lab medicine, and I look forward to utilizing my skills in a new position. I appreciate the time you have taken to consider me as an employee, and look forward to talking with you more about your company.

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What to Include in a Lab Assistant Cover Letter

A cover letter should not replace or conspicuously echo your resume. Information that is pertinent and interesting should be included in order to set the stage for your resume. Follow the format of this free lab assistant cover letter sample and do not craft a letter that is longer than one page. Try to find out who will be reading your letter so that you can address them directly. Take some time to think about what the company worries about when hiring a new employee so that you can speak to your competence and ease their anxiety. Be sure to express gratitude for the time the individual has taken to consider you as a candidate.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Try to include skills that are applicable to this specific position, similar to what was outlined in the free lab assistant cover letter sample.

● Equipment proficiency: Lab assistants must be aware of proper equipment management.
● Dexterity: You must have the ability to handle small objects carefully.
● Attention to detail: Instructions must be followed to the letter in order to conduct tests properly.
● Physical Fitness: Conducting tests may require long periods of time on your feet and the collection of samples from patients who require assistance.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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