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Optician Cover Letter Example + Tips

Since there aren’t many ways to make a resume truly personal and unique, you need a specific and well-written cover letter to do most of the talking. It shouldn’t just summarize what you put on your resume, but it should elaborate on certain key elements like your experience and skills. Read the free optician cover letter sample below, then read the tips afterwards for some further insights.

Dear Ms. Vandermark,

Your request for a skilled optician caught my attention not only because I love working with people and in small, relatively quiet offices, but because I have more than enough experience and knowledge to perform exceedingly well at your practice. My time as a social worker and the fact that I am an officially accredited optician give me both the technical skills and ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable.

I only recently moved here, but up until now I was a social worker for recovering alcoholics. I met with patients either twice a month or every week so that they could tell someone about whatever was troubling them. Ever since I was a little girl, I just wanted to help anyone that I could and make them feel good to be around me, so I would make sure to not only console patients but help them celebrate the victories that they didn’t give themselves enough credit for. This experience gives more than enough proof that I can work with anyone and not have them feel pestered or unwelcome.

Since I knew that I would want to try something else when I came out here, I participated in an online accredited optician program, which left me with the certification on my resume. It covered everything from a general study of optics and eye physiology to practical courses in math and business management. I know everything that I need to know to handle all the business tasks that you would require of me like maintaining sales records and prescriptions, and I have the knowledge to know how to properly fit glasses and educate customers about their eye wear and any supplemental coatings and treatments that they can get.

My specific optical knowledge and my experience working closely with people give me more than enough skills to excel in this opening. Thank you for your time, and I eagerly anticipate talking more in an interview.

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What to Include in an Optician Cover Letter

It’s easy to write a concise and specific cover letter that will captivate the reader’s attention without taking up too much of their time if you follow the general outline from our free optician cover letter sample. Start with an opening that gets right into your argument for why you would be the perfect choice for the job, spend a couple of paragraphs giving specific detail that elaborates those main points, then close by briefly reinforcing your argument and thanking the reader for their consideration. Take note of any requirements in the job posting and cater your argument to appeal to all or most of the desired traits in your field and in the posting.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Although you don’t need an advanced degree to become an optometrist, a certificate from an accredited optometry program is certainly worth mentioning. Other than that, you’ll need to explain how you embody the following traits when you write your cover letter based on our free optician cover letter sample.

● Welcoming and social: Your primary job is to welcome patients and help them with their frames and prescriptions.
● Precise: You’ll spend a lot of your time managing records and needing to take exact measurements.
● Computer skills: You’re going to be using a lot of medical and business software.
● Basic supply and finance: There’s a chance that you’ll be responsible for keeping the optical practice stocked.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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