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Foundry Wroker Cover Letter Example + Tips

A hiring manager for a job you want to get has most likely never met you before. That means you need to paint the best, most accurate portrait of yourself in your resume and cover letter. It is crucial to write these documents properly, and you can get some excellent guidance from this free founder cover letter sample. If you get stuck on what else to include in the letter, then make sure to read the tips that follow the example.

Dear Mr. Rowling,

I have worked at a foundry ever since I was 19 years old. I bring years of expertise and knowledge of proper safety protocols to the open founder position Kern Foundry, Inc. has available.

Working with casting furnaces and other tools brings its fair share of risks. I recognized this early on in my career, which is why my boss hired me to write the company handbook on how to be safe around the building. When I moved onto my next position at a foundry, I noticed no safety protocol was really in place. I showed that manager the handbook I created, and he was incredibly pleased at what I was able to bring to the table.

The job requires mechanical abilities. I have learned how to troubleshoot and repair various pieces of foundry equipment. At my last job, my boss was spending upwards of $5,000 a year on hiring an outside contractor to repair items as they broke down. I learned how to effectively repair certain pieces, which saved my boss money and everyone time. In total, I saved the last company I worked at over $1,800 a year.

Thank you for considering me to be your new founder. I would gladly welcome the opportunity to talk about my qualifications further.

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What to Include in a Founder Cover Letter

An easy way to think about your cover letter is that it is your elevator pitch to a hiring manager, so you need to succinctly discuss a couple relevant skills. It can be helpful to create an outline first so that you only stick with what is essential, much in the same way this free founder cover letter sample does. You want to maintain a respectful, warm tone that never delves too far into silliness. Show an interest in the field you want to work in by including details not found on your resume. Your documents should always be sent as PDFs.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

You need to sell yourself in the cover letter. Follow the example of the free founder cover letter sample and include some integral skills.

● Clean: A safe, clean work environment needs to be maintained at all times.
● Troubleshooting: You need to be able to tell when a piece of equipment breaks down and determine what exactly caused the malfunction.
● Interpersonal skills: Your job will likely entail supervising other workers and making sure everyone gets treated fairly.
● Timely: Deadlines need to be met on-time.


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