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Registered Nurse Cover Letter Example + Tips

Taking the time to really make sure your cover letter is great will pay off in the long run. This is your chance to convey information that had to be left off your resume. Ultimately it is another way to sell yourself to a hiring manager, so its writing needs to be taken seriously. This free nurse cover letter sample below is a good place to start if you are having trouble figuring out what to incorporate.

Dear Ms. Kloock,

Beginning at a young age, I have always wanted to assist the sick and injured. I got my certification to be a registered nurse five years ago, and I hope to have the opportunity to bring my skills to Lancer Regional Hospital.

At my last job I mostly worked in the emergency care unit. This required me to put in long hours and keep a positive demeanor at all times. There was one instance when a child’s parents were in a car accident, and I took it upon myself to spend time with the girl, keeping her company and playing with her. She was so delighted when her parents walked out of the emergency room several hours later.

Over the years I have seen countless patients. Some are perfectly polite while others are not quite so amiable. I always put on a smile and make sure everyone is kept comfortable. When patients get a little unruly, I always try to speak with them in a professional manner and try to assist them in any way I can.

Thank you for considering me for the nurse position. I hope to hear from you soon and would be delighted to discuss my qualifications in greater detail.

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What to Include in a Nurse Cover Letter

Are you able to see what lessons can be learned from this free nurse cover letter sample? It opens strongly by getting straight to the point about why the individual is applying. The body paragraphs go into greater detail while never straying far from the overall purpose of the letter. The conclusion ends politely and welcomes the opportunity to have an interview. You need to explain how the company could benefit by hiring you and never speak poorly about a past employer.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

If you require more help on what to include in a letter, think about what helpful skills you possess. This free nurse cover letter sample can be used as a jumping-off point, which you can make it even better by including these vital aptitudes for nurses.

● Emotional stability: You will be dealing with emergencies and intense situations. You need to be able to keep it together while on the job.
● Stamina: Nurses often have to move quickly between rooms and floors, and you should be prepared for grueling shifts.
● Compassion: You need to show empathy toward patients and family members.
● Communication: You will be working with doctors and other healthcare professionals, so you need to convey information clearly and accurately to ensure the safety of patients in your care.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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