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RN Case Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

If you want to learn how to write a cover letter that will set you apart from the crowd, try to include details that are relevant to your industry. Your cover letter will provide a brief introduction, and it should do an excellent job of convincing the reader to hire you. Writing an effective letter can be difficult for many jobseekers, but after reading the following free RN case manager cover letter sample, you will be ready to write your own in no time.

Dear Mrs. Carter,

I recently saw your posting for an RN case manager on the hospital’s job board, and I would like to put my name forth for consideration. I have nearly 11 years of experience in the nursing field, and I have worked in both hospitals and private settings. My strong work ethic and diverse skill set would make wonderful additions to your team.

I have extensive experience providing high-quality care to patients from all walks of life. I have also received phenomenal reviews from my superiors and physicians. I enjoy working with patients of all ages as well, and I have worked in both the pediatric and geriatric wards of a large research hospital.

I genuinely believe that the keys to becoming a successful nurse are compassion and dedication. I believe that I possess both of these qualities, and I try my hardest to comfort and care for every single patient. Without some degree of compassion, the nursing field would hit rock bottom and hospitals would grind to a halt.

In short, my professional background and personal approach would allow me to perform this job well. Thank you for reviewing my credentials; I am immensely grateful. I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

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What to Include in an RN Case Manager Cover Letter

If you want to write a stellar cover letter, like the free RN case manager cover letter sample above, you will have to include certain details. First of all, be sure to proofread your letter before submitting it. Secondly, craft a strong introduction and avoid using trite phrases. Finally, be sure to wrap things up with a strong closing that thanks the reader and explains how your skills could benefit the company.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

When writing your cover letter like the free RN case manager cover letter sample above, be sure that any skills you list are desired by employers in your industry. As a nursing professional, consider adding the following skills.

● Compassionate: Nurses work closely with injured, frightened, and ill patients regularly, and you should be able to comfort them.
● Knowledgeable: Any medical professional should discuss their educational and intellectual qualifications.
● Patient: Nurses work in fast-paced, often stressful environments. To perform their jobs properly and keep patients satisfied, they will need to exercise a certain degree of patience.
● Versatile: If you intend to work in a busy hospital or clinic, you will need to be able to multitask and wear many different hats.


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