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Pesticide Applicator Cover Letter Example

What It’s Like to Work as an Applicator

Applicators mix or apply various chemicals, including fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides for residential and commercial use. These materials are typically applied in the form of sprays, vapors, dusts, or soil incorporation. Due to the nature of the job, most work is outdoors, generally in home, business, or industrial settings. Applicators can expect to use math skills while working to prepare mixtures and determine how much of the mixtures to apply to specific areas. An Applicator may work individually or as part of a team, depending on the extent of the work. Hours and work schedules within this profession are generally steady with little variation.

Benefits of Working as an Applicator

Benefits of working an Applicator include readily available work, especially when it comes to the application of pesticides in areas with common seasonal pests that need to be controlled with regular spraying. While it may seem like a job involving safety risks, the industry is well regulated when it comes to safety standards and procedures. Applicators typically earn more than minimum wage to start with salaries falling within the middle of five figures with acquired experience. Advancement is also possible with experience, often into supervisory and management positions.

Why You Need an Applicator Cover Letter

An Applicator cover letter gives you a chance to display some of your personalty traits in a way that’s not possible on a resume, which needs to be more professional. Keep in mind that you’re likely to be competing with candidates possessing similar qualifications, making it even more important to make a good first impression with a carefully written cover letter that highlights some of your most notable achievements and qualities. Need some inspiration before starting your own Applicator cover letter? Browse the detailed samples on MyPerfectResume.

Applicator Cover Letter Example