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Assembler Cover Letter Example

Assembler Cover Letter

Despite what technological advancements might have you believe, everything is not done by machine. There are manufacturing plants around the world where parts are being put together by hand. This task falls to assemblers. Assemblers are usually assigned one task a day, though they may receive multiple tasks for a given shift. Once they hit the assembly line, they use specialized equipment and other tools to manually complete manufacturer products. The assembler cover letter is the best way for a candidate to show hiring managers how their skill set and experience qualifies them for the best paying positions.


As assembler can perform work on electronics, aircraft, electrical components, motor parts, toys, and more. Assemblers will work with bolts, screws, cement or glue. They may be required to complete wiring or add final parts to a lamp. The assembler cover letter needs to detail a candidate’s:a) ability to work on a variety of projects or b) unique skill for a specified position.For instance, working on motor parts might require technical training. Some assembly projects might require an understanding of the chassis. Assemblers need to have good manual dexterity and be physically capable of maintaining production. Assembly lines consist of teams working at a pace that gets a certain number of products completed during a shift. This could mean standing for long periods, being able to lift potentially heavy objects again and again, and not losing focus as the same repetitive task is performed for hours.This can apply even to modernized factories using advanced computerized equipment. Many assembler positions require at least a high school diploma or a GED. There will probably be on-the-job training, but having a working knowledge of the assembly process is beneficial. Any candidate with an advantage, like being able to read blueprints or schematics, or knowing how to solder, can put a candidate at the head of the hiring manager’s list.


While automation may decrease demand, assemblers will continue to be needed. For instance, the aircraft industry is always in demand for assemblers. In 2010, the average salary was 28,360 with some assemblers making close to 44,820 dollars. Sample Assembler Cover Letter A well-written cover letter has to accompany the resume or the candidate risks losing the hiring manager’s interest. Use this sample assembler cover letter to create your own.

Assembler Cover Letter Sample