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Buyer Cover Letter Example + Tips

Whether you’re looking to be a buyer for a small organization or a large corporation, you really need to understand exactly what the position demands and tailor the argument in your cover letter to mention every skill and trait that would allow you to do the job well. Use this free buyer cover letter sample and its accompanying analysis to prepare yourself to write your own.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I’m very interested in the opening for a corporate buyer position that you posted recently. Most business school graduates are only good at either analysis or communication, not both. However, my excellent academic record and my time in several collegiate business organizations prove that I have the unique blend of skills and experience required to keep your business organized while working closely and skillfully with suppliers to make sure that you get the best deals for the best value.

You only asked for a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in business or finance, but I accomplished far more than a mere diploma. I had a very high GPA that you see on my resume, and I went through my university’s business honors program, which required that I provide a cumulative project which is judged by a board of senior faculty members. They loved my study of the shifting prices of oil in the Midwest, and my keen ability to analyze trends and transform them into practical data will be invaluable in this buyer position.

My time in college wasn’t only spent analyzing, and my communication skills were greatly bolstered by my time as president of my university’s main business student association. We participated in competitions where we had to organize and work as a team to navigate whatever scenario was thrown at us, and my ability to both lead a large group of people and negotiate with other organizations gives me ample skill to develop lasting relationships with suppliers and to push for the best deals.

My practiced ability to simultaneously analyze data and work closely and comfortably with people sets me apart from the average buyer, so I know that I will excel in the position. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to speaking more about the position in an interview.

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What to Include in a Buyer Cover Letter

Although there is a lot of information packed into our concise free buyer cover letter sample, there are a few structural elements that you should identify and use in your own letter. Notice that it begins by almost immediately getting to the heart of our argument and that the rest of the letter is a specific elaboration on those first initial points. Try to get the name of your reader so that you don’t have to use a general greeting, and don’t forget to thank them at the very end.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

No matter where you end up being a buyer, the core skills remain the same. Once you go start your cover letter based on the things you learned from our free buyer cover letter sample, make sure to explain why you have the following traits.

● Analytical: You’ll spend a lot of time negotiating market trends to try to anticipate changes.
● Decisive: With so many options available to you, you’ll have to know when and how to make the best, timely decisions.
● Math and statistics: Since you’re dealing with fluctuating prices and market trends, you’ll need to know how to understand statistical reports and how to create them yourself.
● Negotiating: You’ll spend a lot of time negotiating deals and prices with suppliers, which generally requires travel and charisma.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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