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Life Guard Cover Letter Example + Tips

You send your resume to a hiring manager to provide a brief overview of your entire job history. You send your cover letter in order to expand on a few key skills or accomplishments so that an employer gets a better understanding of who you really are. Follow the guide provided by this free life guard cover letter sample. There are a couple extra tips provided afterward to assist you even further.

Dear Mr. Kane,

For the last several summers, I have worked as a life guard at the local community pool. I am ready to put my certification and training to good use by being WIT Inn’s new on-site life guard.

I have a long track record of success working by pools. For the last three summers, I have never received a single complaint concerning my performance. All of the guests have been able to swim in a safe environment. Since a lot of children come to the pool, it is my responsibility to also make sure that no one gets too rough or rowdy.

I understand that since I would be working at a hotel, hospitality is going to be an additional component of the position. I am adept in that area, too. For example, last summer I noticed people would constantly be leaving and coming back to the pool because they wanted to grab a snack from across the street. I worked out a deal with a local ice cream vendor to stop by the pool once a day to sell snacks to people. It was a win-win situation for everyone.

Thank you for considering me for the position. I hope to discuss my skillset in greater detail with you in the future.

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What to Include in a Life Guard Cover Letter

You do not want to talk about yourself the entire time without relating your background to how it would be beneficial to the business. Certain words and phrases need to be left out, including “cloud-focused,” “change-driver,” or “go-getter.” Do not bring up your references in the letter, and avoid addressing a letter to “Sir or Madam.” This free life guard cover letter sample gets straight to the point, which you need to do as well while avoiding humor simultaneously. Remember to add upon your resume as opposed to simply restating information.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Going into depth regarding your skills is a good way to add to the free life guard cover letter sample. Here are several that would be beneficial in this line of work.

● Communication: If you are leading a group, you need to be able to convey material clearly.
● Problem-solving: When complications come up, you should be adaptable and ready to spring into action.
● Physically fit: You will be swimming and moving around a lot and should be comfortable doing that.
● Flexibility: Companies always need life guards on-hand, so you may be asked to come in unexpectedly.


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