Experienced Security Officers Cover Letter Example + Tips

Grayson Anthony

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337
E-Mail: example-email@example.com

Dear Mr. Isaacson,

I write in response to your ad seeking an experienced Security Officer at Dykstra Distribution Company. As a highly competent Security Officer, I would bring a service-focused and hard-working attitude to this role.
In my current position, I maintain an efficient, procedure-focused mindset that helps me optimize security services and reduce violations. I have a knack for problem solving and work well independently and with little oversight. I am a good investigator and team player, and I work well with law enforcement.
I am a self-starter and excel at scanning employees, addressing violations, and developing improvement plans. I am familiar with screening wands and other scanning equipment, and learn new procedures quickly. As a part of the team at Dykstra Distribution Company, I hope to help you reduce theft, improve security, and maintain a productive work environment.
My resume and references are attached. I will contact you in the next few days to set up an appointment and look forward to meeting with you soon.

Grayson Anthony

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Writing a Terrific Security Officer Cover Letter

More than one million security officers work in dozens of industries across the country to ensure that business property, customers, and employees are safe and secure. Armed with a well-written security officer cover letter and some important skills and training, you can improve your chances of joining the ranks of these coveted security teams.

What Security Officers Do

From security guards at banks and hospitals to surveillance officers at casinos and secured facilities, a variety of career paths are open to candidates with strong security officer cover letters, resumes, and experience. While every job has its own specific duties, most security officers’ main directive is to protect property and people from theft, harm, vandalism, illegal activity, and terrorism.To do this, they often patrol areas by foot, vehicle, or bicycle; monitor closed-circuit television cameras; provide escort assistance; advise, warn, and detain rule violators; inspect and search incoming packages and visitors; control access to the facilities; interview witnesses; and prepare reports on activities.

Education & Training

Most security officer jobs require a high school education, but more technically focused or high-level security officer positions may require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in specialized security systems, criminal justice, or military training. If you are looking to begin a security career, you can improve your credentials by learning CPR, first aid, firearm usage, and basic computer skills.If you hold any specific certification in these areas, make note of them in your security officer cover letter. Many states require security guards to register with their justice departments, and many employers require pre-employment background checks and drug testing. Armed security officers are often required to undergo routine weapons testing.

A Rewarding Career in Security

Working as a security officer offers an often-interesting and occasionally risky work environment. Many full-time security officers receive full benefits and a median annual salary of 24,000 dollars. Security officers working in the transit industry earn the most, with a median annual salary of 68,980 dollars.Breaking into the security officer profession is easier if you prepare yourself with basic training, skill development and a confident security officer cover letter that gets you noticed. Check out our sample of a positive security officer cover letter below for ideas on how to improve your application packet.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

Taking the first step toward writing a cover letter can be scary, especially if you’re unsure about what to focus on for a particular line of work. Browse our collection of industry-specific cover letter samples and learn about what to zero in on your cover letter!