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Freight Associate Cover Letter Example + Tips

Freight Associate Resume Example

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What It’s like to Work in the Freight Associate Field

Freight associates are mainly responsible for ensuring store merchandise is properly transferred from shipping trucks to the sales floor. Main duties include unloading trucks, arranging products on the sales floor so they look attractive, and ensuring that customers have a safe shopping environment. A typical shift could include tasks such as processing and preparing receipts for merchandise and supplies, stocking those goods, and general cleaning. If necessary, freight associates also help customers with whatever they may need.
Being a freight associate is a physically demanding job, as such workers are expected to spend long periods standing and walking, must lift heavy goods, and often work nights with a team. Hence, it’s expected that freight associates are healthy, attentive to detail, have a great work ethic, and are able to work well with others.

Benefits of Working in the Freight Associate Field

A freight associate can make anywhere from $8 to $15 or more per hour, depending on the company, location, and their work experience. Since the sales and logistics industry is constantly needed, many freight associates can get a stable job with a company and also get full benefits (health insurance, 401K plan, sick days, and paid vacation). Also, many companies that hire freight associates also promote from within their organization, so the opportunity for advancement to a salaried management position is possible with hard work, experience, and/or additional education.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Most freight associates are employed with a company or through an agency. When applying for a position, a resume that highlights one’s suitable skills and capabilities for the job is necessary. Additionally, a freight associate cover letter can show one’s solid work ethic, ability to think on their feet, and team-oriented attitude. Those who send a great freight associate cover letter along with their resume have a better chance at obtaining employment. Resources like MyPerfectResume can help aspiring candidates get started with their freight associate cover letter.


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