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Retail Salesperson Cover Letter Example

Retail Salesperson Cover Letter

In all of capitalism, there is no role more essential than that of a salesperson. Be it as humble as going door to door, or exalted as the head salesperson for a global corporation, at some point in every commercial transaction somebody has to make a sales pitch. If that’s you, and you’re good at it, the world of commerce is all yours.


In its simplest sense, a salesperson is someone who sells things, or at least attempts to. Yet, that actually translates into a very complicated set of skills. A salesperson needs a math background for bookkeeping, inventory and sales tracking. They need the insight of a psychiatrist to understand how to handle clients, their boss, co-workers and competitors. The more you know about business and all its angles, the better salesman you will be. Therefore, your salesperson cover letter should stress all business experience and anything suggesting that you are good at personal interaction.


In theory at least, there are no set qualifications to be a salesperson. If you can sell, no employer cares how you learned to do it. However, most people require academic training in business before embarking on sales. That training should be as broad as possible, covering as many aspects of business and business related fields as possible. You should also have a background in retail or some other field that requires you to have lots of interaction with the public. The key to successful person to person interaction is practice, so even being a lowly cashier in a supermarket should be mentioned in your salesperson resume because cashiers interact with people hundreds of times per day.


There is no natural limit to how much you can make as a salesperson beyond the supply of your product and your own ability to sell. However, the Wall Street Journal places the average pay of people who list their occupation as salesperson at around 50,000 dollars per year. People who earn a salary can only make as much as their employer will pay them. However, the salary plus commissions of a salesperson make it a field of unlimited financial possibilities for those who have the know-how and the personality.

Salesperson Cover Letter Sample