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Territory Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

An engaging cover letter, particularly when paired with a well-written resume, can be the ticket to the job of your dreams. It is important that you use the cover letter to give glimpses of your personality and to expand on interesting data in your resume. Also, be sure to use industry-specific knowledge to demonstrate your ability to do the job. The free territory manager cover letter sample below conveys important attributes of a cover letter. Be sure to read through the industry tips at the end.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Your company’s job posting on Craigslist for a territory manager said that you want someone who is conventional yet bold. You’re also looking for someone who takes educated risks. This description fits me to a T, as my experience and expertise show. I am a great fit for a company with such tremendous community values.

I started a pilot program as a sales manager for XYZ. I was concerned about communication gaps between sales and marketing, so the idea was to hire employees who would work in both departments. I piloted the program by hiring interns, which boosted our bottom line by 10 percent. I was then given the green light to hire on four permanent employees. I consider this to be an educated risk.

My educational credentials include a master’s degree in marketing from Jack Doe University, as well as workshops on leadership, customer service, and territory expansion. I am also proficient in English and Spanish, which your job description noted as a highly desirable trait.

I could be a huge asset to the company, and I would like to sit down and discuss the possibilities in an interview. Thank you for taking the time to review this letter.

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What to Include in a Territory Manager Cover Letter

Our free territory manager cover letter sample addresses a specific person instead of using a general “Sir,” “Madam,” or “To whom it may concern.” It’s also a good idea to tie your skills and experience back to the job description to show that you have acknowledged the requirements and that you took the time to personalize the letter. This shows dedication and interest. Keep the letter to four paragraphs, and thank the recipient for his or her time in the closing paragraph.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free territory manager cover letter sample touches on skills, such as Spanish knowledge and educated risk taking. Of course, you should tailor your document to your own skills and the specific job descriptions. That said, many employers like the following qualities in their territory managers:

● Communication: Territory managers work with sales, marketing, engineering, and other branch offices.
● Experience: Sales and marketing experience is necessary.
● Customer service: Part of the job is often enhancing or maintaining relationships between the company and its clients.
● Presentation: Territory managers often supervise presentations such as trade show exhibits.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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