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Shipping Clerk Cover Letter Example + Tips

There are many reasons to have a great cover letter when you’re trying to get a new job. It allows you to give a potential employer a deeper look into your experience and skills. It also gives you the opportunity to add personality to your job application. You should make it specific to the industry you’re applying in so it shows you would be a good fit. Use this free shipping clerk cover letter sample and accompanying tips to format and write an outstanding cover letter.

Dear Ms. Nash,

I have always been a highly organized person. I believe this quality is especially important in a shipping clerk position. I feel I have the other necessary skills to make a great shipping clerk for you at the Home Accessories Store.

After I graduated with my business administration associates degree I went to work for a local package delivery and shipping company. I weighed and labeled packages in the shipping hub. I was an integral part of getting packages ready to be put on trucks.

I was promoted my shift’s shipping clerk after a year of working on the floor. My attention to detail and organization skills helped get me the promotion and I performed my duties well. Now, after three years and a move to a new town I’m ready for a new challenge.

I know that I would bring the same level of professionalism to your team at the Home Accessories Store. Thank you for considering my application for shipping clerk, and please let me know if you have questions or would like to set up an interview

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What to Include in a Shipping Clerk Cover Letter

You should always start out your cover letter with a greeting to the hiring manager or the specific company. Then, talk about your past work experience and how it applies to the open position. You should also summarize your education and training, but don’t simply repeat the information from your resume. The free shipping clerk cover letter sample also expresses a thank you to the hiring manager and invites the reader to contact you for an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

As you saw in the free shipping clerk cover letter sample, you should highlight some skills you have that are relevant to the job. Here are a few more to consider:

● Organizational skills: As a shipping clerk, you have to keep track of payments, postage, and packages and get them out on time.
● Integrity: Clerks often deal with client banking and contact information that must be kept private.
● Communication skills: You must be able to communicate clearly with customers and co-workers about new policies and procedures.
● Interpersonal skills: Be comfortable developing and maintaining relationships with customers and co-workers on a daily basis.
● Physical strength: Lifting heavy boxes is often part of the job.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

Taking the first step toward writing a cover letter can be scary, especially if you’re unsure about what to focus on for a particular line of work. Browse our collection of industry-specific cover letter samples and learn about what to zero in on your cover letter!