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Referee Cover Letter Example + Tips

Cover letters are your first impression when you apply for a job, so they are frequently the make-or-break item that decides whether your application packet moves forward or stops at step one. You want to highlight your unique skills and fitness for the job, but you also want to make it clear that you have the basic skills needed to succeed in this career. Check out this free referee cover letter sample to see one way to handle these two requirements.

Dear Ms. Love,

Youth sports were always important to me growing up, which is why I made a point of staying involved in them, first as a volunteer and later as a trained professional. It is also why I was excited to see your recent job opening for a referee. I believe I am the best person for this job.

In your listing, you note that your school is looking to hire referees to work in multiple sports simultaneously, but that you are flexible about which. In high school and college I was a student athlete, and in my career as a referee and coach, I have worked with both male and female teams in a variety of popular sports, including basketball, volleyball, football, and tennis. I currently have NASO certifications in basketball and football.

In addition to my experience and professional certifications, I also bring a positive attitude and over a decade of experience communicating with players as a player, a coach, and an official. This gives me the strong communication skills I need to make myself clear quickly while managing the tensions on the field.

I am available to work immediately, and I would love to talk more about my qualifications in an interview setting.

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What to Include in a Referee Cover Letter

If you look at this free referee cover letter sample, you can see that the applicant’s specific experience in both coaching and officialdom is front and center. There are a few industry-specific mentions, both for skills and for certifications, and that goes a long way to establishing the applicant’s professional credibility and skill. Last but not least, the invitation to take things into an interview is clear, without being too cocky or too modest.

Industry Specific Skills

Make sure you include these industry specific skills in your cover letter. The goal, as in the free referee cover letter sample, is to customize them a little to show your experience while making sure they are clear to the reader.

● Strong communicator: Referees need to make themselves clear quickly and to have their communications accepted by all parties.
● Judgment and decision-making: There are many ways to show this, but strong decision-making skills are central to officialdom in every sport.
● Detail-oriented: Officials need to have fast eyes during the game to make calls, and they are also responsible for inspecting players, equipment, and even the field itself.
● Conflict management: The best officials know how to keep tempers on the field from escalating and when to remove players and coaches who are not keeping themselves in check.


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