Ramp Agent Cover Letter Example + Tips

Getting a coveted job in the airline industry is difficult because of all of the competition for the few openings. Writing a top resume and waiting to hear back isn’t enough to make your file strong. Your best bet of getting noticed is to start off with an effective cover letter. That way you can introduce yourself to your potential employer and express your desire to work for the airline. Additionally, by using this free ramp agent cover letter sample, you can learn how to convince the hiring manager of your suitability.

Dear Ms. Scout,

Ever since I was young, I have always been fascinated with airplanes and airports. Living near an airport has allowed me to fuel my fascination by watching planes take off and land. Today I want to further this enthusiasm for the airline industry by applying for the ramp agent position at your company.

I first began working as a baggage handler 16 years ago for a small, regional airline. Each day of work was an exciting adventure because of the many different types of people coming and going to their unique destinations. I worked hard to ensure each individual would not be disappointed by a lost or misplaced bag.

More recently I began working as a ramp agent. I understand the large responsibility airport staff has in regards to safety and efficiency of air travel. I check and double check everything I am responsible for and keep my eyes and ears open for possible mistakes or issues.

I believe my experience, attitude, and skills make me a great candidate for this job. I would love to tell you more about my talents and qualifications in an interview. Thanks for the time and consideration you have given me for the ramp agent position.

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What to Include in a Ramp Agent Cover Letter

A great cover letter for jobs in the airline industry must do its best to grab the reader’s attention. A unique, personal opening can help you achieve this. Additionally, take the time to address specific skills from the job description in your cover letter. If you struggle with this, take a look at the free ramp agent cover letter sample for clarification.

Industry Specifics to Include

Jobs at the airport setting require candidates to possess specific qualities. Look through the free ramp agent cover letter sample to get an idea about what to discuss. Here are some additional things to consider:

● Multi-Tasking Ability: Loading aircraft requires the worker to be able to handle more than one task at a time.
● Interpersonal Skills: Ramp agents may interact with a variety of different people, such as pilots, flight attendants, other airport workers, and passengers in their line of work.
● Attention to Detail: Ramp agents must be able to pay attention to possible discrepancies in luggage tagging, and they must also strive to avoid making their own loading errors.
● Physical Stamina: This job requires the candidate to be able to lift at least 50 pounds on a consistent basis.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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