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Last Updated: January 08, 2024

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This professional cover letter template features a dual-tone heading to make your name stand out.


This resume cover letter template will help you tell your story with a modern font and unique design.


Try this job application cover letter template to craft a straightforward and impressive letter.


A strong font makes this cover sheet template ideal for modern architecture, technology and advertising jobs.


No matter your industry, this creative job cover letter template can help bring out your creative side.


Present your qualifications front and center with this professional cover letter template.


Catch the recruiter’s attention with this job application letter, which features your name and information aligned to the left.


This best-in-class cover letter free template will speak volumes about your professionalism.


This straightforward cover letter template free download places your name front and center.


The elegant design of this sample cover letter template commands attention.


Make a bold statement with this modern cover letter template, which offers customizable colors and fonts.


Grab the recruiter’s attention with the pops of color and fun icons featured in this layout. It’s the best cover letter template for creative jobs.


Change the colors and font type of this cover letter template for job applications to fit your needs.


Make a subtle statement by choosing a resume cover letter template that colorfully highlights your contact information.


The sophisticated layout of this application letter template tells employers you mean business.


A monogram graphic in the cover letter heading gives this cover sheet template a unique look.

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Benefits of using our free cover letter templates

We handle cover letter formatting for you

Our templates follow standard cover letter format rules, ensuring you use the correct line spacing, margin spacing and proper fonts.

Professional cover letter template designs

From modern cover letter templates to creative and professional designs, our experts have designed our templates to get you past applicant tracking systems (ATS) and noticed by hiring managers.

Easy to customize templates

You can easily customize your color palette, font size, section spacing and more to fit your career goals and stylistic preferences.

We’ll help you write your cover letter

Download a cover letter template free and edit it to fit your needs, or use our Cover Letter Builder to guide you through each step of creating your document in minutes.

Modern free cover letter templates

These free cover letter templates are great for jobs in industries such as technology or business, where looking sharp and staying on top of the latest trends matters.

Bold cover letter template

If you want to convey that you’re a professional who is not afraid to take risks, this is the best template cover letter for you.

Blueprint cover letter template

Stand out with this colorful cover letter template free of charge. Its two-column layout neatly displays your qualifications, making them easy to read.

Charismatic cover letter template

This free cover letter template download injects some personality into your career story. Notice how two colors make the job applicant’s name pop.

Professional free cover letter templates

You can’t go wrong with the classic style of a formal cover letter template. Download one free of charge and show hiring managers you mean business.

Professional cover letter template

Simple yet effective, this template shows that basic doesn’t have to mean boring.

Deluxe cover letter template

This free resume cover letter template gives you all the room to present your accomplishments.

Executive cover letter template

This is a good cover letter template for anyone who wants to get straight to the point.

Creative free cover letter templates

Creative jobs require imaginative designs. Use these layouts to visually show your personality and make a statement, especially if you’re applying for a job in a creative industry. Download a creative resume cover letter template free of charge and show employers your creative side.

Original cover letter template

This free cover letter template combines icons, pops of color and a fun approach.

Standout cover letter template

The minimalist design detail beside your name makes this cover letter job application template unforgettable.

Centered cover letter template

Sleek fonts and bold colors make this free cover letter template download perfect for creative job seekers.

Simple and basic free cover letter templates

A clean cover letter template is the best way to communicate your information and experience. Try a simple or basic cover letter free of charge.

Distinguished cover letter template

This simple cover letter template has an elegant, understated style with classic fonts and dotted dividing lines.

Contempo cover letter template

Keep it classy with a basic cover letter template that never goes out of style.

Whitespace cover letter template

Give your letter a chic and intelligent look with a free cover letter template that perfectly spaces your information and boldly states your name.

Cover letter templates for popular jobs

Use our cover letter examples for guidance and inspiration. We have plenty of examples created by experts for different jobs and scenarios that use the cover letter templates featured on this page.


Showcase your teaching experience with this unique teaching job cover letter template with a bold header.

Administrative assistant

This professional cover letter template will tell the recruiter more about your excellent time management and organizational skills.

Assistant principal

Highlight your leadership and communication skills with this application letter template.

Executive assistant

This clean and straightforward template for a cover letter presents your reliability and expert organizational skills.

Customer service representative

This sleek and elegant cover sheet template perfectly showcases your exceptional interpersonal skills.

Senior project manager

This distinguished sample cover letter template is ideal for demonstrating your management skills.

Flight attendant

Excellent interpersonal skills and a diplomatic attitude are essential for this job, so use a cover letter template that can effectively tell your story.


A no-nonsense job requires a simple and easy-to-read template for a cover letter that hits the mark.

Cover letter templates for unique career situations

A well-written cover letter showcases your unique skills to hiring managers and demonstrates why you’re a great fit for the role. Our in-depth How to Write a Cover Letter guide teaches you everything you need to know about writing this important document. We have a cover letter format template for every unique situation. Try a cover letter Word template or a cover letter Pages template to customize your document quickly.

Entry-level cover letter template

When you don’t have a lot of work experience, a cover letter is crucial to market yourself as an excellent addition to the team properly.

Career-change cover letter template

When changing careers, you want a standard cover letter template showing your transferable skills, bridging your experience and the new job, and explaining why you want to work with that company specifically. Just use the content in this cover letter template as inspiration.

Employment gap cover letter template

Regarding employment gaps, you only have to address the gaps you feel comfortable discussing in your cover letter. Did you start your own business or explore artistic projects? Connect these experiences to the potential job as this sample cover letter template does.

Unadvertised position cover letter template

Don’t see a job posting? No problem! Explain how you heard about the job and why you want to join the team in your resume cover letter template.

“Cold-call” cover letter template

You came across a company you like but aren’t sure if they’re hiring. Get on their radar with a cold call cover letter that introduces who you are and your skills that could be valuable to the company, as this application letter template does.

Temporary-to-permanent employee cover letter template

You like where you work and want to stay there permanently. Use a cover letter template to explain why keeping you around is in the company’s best interest.

Seeking promotion cover letter template

You’re ready to take the next step in your career and grow within the company. Recap your experience using a professional cover letter template and convince the employer you’re more than qualified for the new job.

Applying for a different position with the same company cover letter template

Do you meet the requirements of a new position in your company? Take the leap and use a template for a cover letter to explain why you’re perfect for the role.

How to use a cover letter template

Template Cl

Select a template that showcases your unique qualities

A cover letter is an extension of your resume. It’s your chance to present yourself to the employer and explain how your skills and experience suit the job. Your cover letter design template should answer four significant points:

  • Why you want the job
  • How you’re prepared to handle the daily requirements of the job
  • How you can fit in and adapt to the company’s culture
  • How you can help the company move forward

Demonstrate passion and interest in the company

Use our professional cover letter templates to explain what inspires you about your potential employer. It could be the company’s mission, a new initiative, or how you can contribute to its long-term goals. Show the hiring manager you’ve already invested time researching the company; they’ll be more likely to invest in you.

Skills And Experience

Align your skills and experience with the job requirements

Respond directly to duties and skills listed in the job description, and show your capabilities in those areas through concrete examples from your own experience and training. You can also point out a challenge the company is currently facing and how you can help solve it, similar to what our cover letter templates showcase.


Encourage the hiring manager to learn more about you

Your cover letter should incentivize hiring managers to read your resume and follow up for an interview. Be forthright. Direct the reader to examine your resume for more details on your relevant skills and accomplishments. Conclude by expressing your readiness to meet and discuss how you can contribute. If you’re unsure how to do this, you can personalize one of our cover letter templates in our Cover Letter Builder to access professionally written content suggestions tailored to your job title.


Avoid repeating information from your resume

While your resume and cover letter template must be similar, they shouldn’t reiterate the same information. Review your resume and note what you want to explain further in your cover letter; it could be a set of skills, a work achievement relevant to the job you’re applying for, or a project you know will help you stand out. A free downloadable cover letter template from this page will help you tell your story to get noticed.

Cl Template Job

Customize your cover letter template for each job

Whether a resume or cover letter, tailoring your document to the job is critical. This includes using keywords from the job description in your writing, using a tone of voice that reflects the company culture and addressing the letter to the hiring manager and not “To whom it may concern.” A cover letter Word template or Apple Pages cover letter template is easy to customize.

Match your resume with a cover letter template

Matching your cover letter and resume template helps you craft a polished and cohesive job application. After all, cover letters and resumes are strong when they both read and look their best. We have all the tools and guides you need to build the perfect resume to complement your cover letter.

  • How to Write a Resume: Follow our in-depth guide to learn how to write a strong resume that effectively captures your skills and qualifications.
  • Resume Examples: We have extensive resume examples for all jobs and industries.
  • Resume Templates: From creative to modern and professional, our resume templates are designed by the same experts that create our cover letter templates, are ATS-friendly and are easy to customize.
  • Resume Builder: With step-by-step guidance and expert phrases, a CV cover letter template combined with our Resume Builder makes it easy to create a resume in minutes.

Choose matching resume template


What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a one-page document you submit alongside your resume or CV. Its purpose is to support the content of your resume or CV by expanding on your achievements, showcasing your personality and explaining why you’re a great fit for the company.

Even though a cover letter has a supporting role in the application process, it’s no less critical and could decide whether you get hired. Check out these cover letter basics and our cover letter writing tips to get hired fast.

Are cover letters necessary?

Yes. A recent survey found that 83% of hiring managers, recruiters and HR staff consider cover letters essential to decision-making. We always recommend writing a cover letter because:

  • It allows you to provide information that isn’t in your resume.
  • It gives hiring managers and recruiters a glimpse into your personality.
  • It has the space you need to market yourself as the best candidate.

Choose a cover letter layout template from this page to increase your chances of getting the job. Look at the five qualities of every successful cover letter to learn more.

How do you write a strong cover letter?

You can write a cover letter for your resume in just 15 minutes — and we’re here to help you.

A successful cover letter should be formatted neatly for easy reading, and the content should catch hiring managers’ attention. To achieve the first goal, use a cover letter sample template as a model, and keep your letter to the point and one page long.

To ensure your content fits the bill, consult the job description and pinpoint essential keywords that you should mention in your letter. For example, if you’re applying to a customer service position that stresses knowledge of customer relations management (CRM) systems, mention your experience with CRM in your cover letter. 

Doing so will also help your letter pass automated applicant tracking systems (ATS), which many employers use to scan cover letters for the right keywords. We also recommend exploring how to make an ATS-friendly resume to ensure that your job application reaches hiring managers. 

Using an AI cover letter generator can help you tailor your cover letter to your target job with keywords and industry-specific content.  

Finally, your cover letter should answer the most critical question: Why are you interested in the job and the company? Explain why you should be hired for the role and what makes you the best fit. Employers will be impressed by a cover letter that shows you’ve done your homework and thought about how you can contribute. Download a free professional cover letter template and get started today!

What do employers look for in a cover letter?

A cover letter is a blank canvas where you can formally introduce yourself to the hiring manager — think of it as your sales pitch. Generally speaking, the hiring manager wants to know more about your skills and background, why you want to work for them and how you will help them. Still, this approach may differ depending on your professional experience.

For example, hiring managers will want to know why you have a career gap in your resume if you have one. If you ventured into running a small business or were affected by COVID-19, you’d want to explain what happened and show how your past experiences will help you fill this new role, as our professional cover letter templates show.

We recommend checking out our guide on what to include in a cover letter for tips from career advice experts.

Is it OK to use a cover letter builder?

Using a cover letter builder is not just OK but encouraged! Our Cover Letter Builder makes the writing process a breeze by providing over 15 cover letter templates, expert suggestions, step-by-step guidance, and customization tools to create and save as many versions of your cover letter as you want.

It’s the easiest way to assemble a professional cover letter for your resume, and all you have to do to get started is choose the downloadable cover letter template that best works for you.

How long should a cover letter be?

A cover letter should be one page long. This cover letter length allows you to detail key achievements without overwhelming the reader. The recruiter or hiring manager won’t spend that much time reviewing your application, so your writing must be concise and straightforward. A work cover letter template from this page can help you organize your cover letter on one page.

How do you start a cover letter if you don’t know the name?

If you don’t know who to address your cover letter to, here are some options to try:

  • Address the cover letter to the department you’re interested in joining. For example, “Dear Creative Department,” “Dear Accounting Department,” or “Dear [Company] Team.”
  • If you have the hiring manager’s name but are unsure whether to use titles like Mr., Mrs., or Ms., you can leave it out and use their full name. For example, “Dear John Smith” or “Dear Helena Law.”

Avoid starting your cover letter with greetings such as “To whom it may concern” or “Dear sir or madam” — it’s old-fashioned. This page’s cover letter samples can point you in the right direction.

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