7 Job Search Tools You Need to Get Hired Fast in 2018

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How often do you turn to the internet to answer simple questions? According to Google data, 2017 users asked about everything from Bitcoin to “how to make a fidget spinner.” It’s safe to assume that we seek Google for almost every question we have.

Why should your job search be any different? Even if you’re an experienced professional, jobseeking trends change faster than you have time to change jobs.

Take a moment right now to think about your biggest job searching questions. Got it? We compiled a list of seven websites that offer great tools to help your efforts. Check out our list below to find a site that can help you find what you need.

Job Search Tools You Need to Get Hired Fast in 2018


MyPerfectResume offers an easy-to-use platform to help you create a customized resume. Start by browsing various resume designs and uploading your information. Next, choose from industry-specific suggestions to strengthen your resume sections.

As a result, you’ll end up with a resume that looks professional and is easy to read. And yes, it’s crucial to create a resume that is easy to read. A 2012 study found that recruiters spend an average of six seconds reading your resume. It’s up to you to build a resume that your reader can digest quickly and effectively.

Don’t forget: MyPerfectResume also houses thousands of resume samples. Check out these samples to inspire you as you craft your own noteworthy resume.


In 2018, many industries check to see if an applicant has a LinkedIn page. In fact, a 2015 survey found that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn in their recruiting process.

Your LinkedIn account won’t just showcase your skills and accomplishments, but it also calls attention to your industry interactions. To whom are you connected? Do you post interesting, engaging articles about your field of work? Have colleagues written reviews about your work ethic?

Update your LinkedIn profile with a nice photo. LinkedIn recommends that your face occupy 60% of the frame. (But no selfies!) If you can’t afford a pricey headshot, then have a friend take a photo of you against a wall in natural light. Next, update your talents and achievements to incorporate your latest work. After that, endorse friends for their skills. They will likely endorse you in return. Lastly, connect with more people to expand your network.


Forget what you heard about salads in mason jars and weddings in barns. Pinterest is designed to be a highly effective search engine. And when you’re looking for a job, Pinterest is one website that you’ll want to visit for interview outfit advice, job searching articles, and to create a board to help you visualize your professional goals.

Pinterest is simple. Just type your inquiry into the search bar. Click on pins to see larger images. Click again to visit the linked website if you need more information. Be as specific as possible. Don’t just type “interview outfit.” Instead, type “administrative assistant interview outfit” to see tailored results.


Corporette is a lifestyle blog specifically designed for women who work in demanding fields typically dominated by men. If you work in law, finance, business, or in a different high-pressure job, then check out Corporette.

Started by Kat Griffin in 2008, Corporette offers career and fashion advice tailored to its audience. Before running the blog full-time, Griffin was a Wall Street litigator.

On this site, you’ll find blogs with titles like “When Is a Lower Salary Worth It — And What Will You Put Up With For a Higher Salary?” and “The Hunt for Budget-Friendly Interview Suits.” You’ll even find blogs and shopping guides for new moms!


When was the last time that you took a proper writing class? Chances are, your grammar is a little rusty. Don’t feel bad. Even professional writers succumb to bad habits!

But did you know that 82% of senior managers agreed that spotting two or more errors in a resume would lead them to disqualify the applicant?

That’s why you need Grammarly. Simply copy and paste your resume or cover letter into the Grammarly app, and then wait for Grammarly to highlight your grammatical and spelling errors. Grammarly catches everything from the wrong “there” to split infinitives.

If you enter your resume, then focus on correct phrasing and spelling. You do not use complete sentences in a resume, so don’t worry about run-on sentences.

Brand Yourself

Did you know that 43% of HR professionals use online searches and social media to assess candidates? If you haven’t Googled yourself lately, then do it ASAP. Potential employers have probably seen the best and worst of your online presence already.

If you are concerned about how you appear online, then check out Brand Yourself. This innovative tool helps identify problematic online instances; next, you learn how to remove risk factors.

As a bonus, Brand Yourself also helps you build a strong personal brand online to boost your presence. So, even jobseekers with squeaky clean online reputations can benefit from this excellent job tool.


Similar to MyPerfectResume, MyPerfectCoverLetter helps you build, you guessed it, a cover letter. Using the suggestions and designs, you can create a personalized cover letter in no time.

You’re probably thinking, yeah, but do cover letters matter anymore?

Yes, they do. In fact, an estimated 40% of recruiters read cover letters carefully. In fact, some recruiters care about the cover letter more than the resume. That’s because the cover letter is a unique opportunity to share your story and prove that you’re a great fit for the job. You don’t know who will read your cover letter, so don’t blow it: put effort into writing your cover letter.

What’s Next?

Remember Charlie Bucket and his golden ticket? Think of your resume as your golden ticket to a fantastic job. Check out MyPerfectResume’s resume builder to create a customized resume. It’s easy to use and offers industry-specific text examples to help you customize your work.

Maybe you won’t visit Willy Wonka, but hopefully you’ll find a job that makes you feel like a kid in a candy wonderland.