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Tracy Kidman

3151 Duke St. Alexandria, VA 22332
(703) 705-3296
(703) 995-0878


To achieve the position of Public Administrator in an important governmental institution.


• Capable of designing organizational systems.
• Excellent public speaking, communication and presentation skills.
• Proficient at governmental regulations and ordinances.
• Great problem-solving, analytical and leadership skills.
• In-depth knowledge of public policy.
• Computer literate.

Employment History

Office of Housing & Urban Development, Alexandria, VA
Contract Administrator

2006 – Present
Support the different operations of the office to facilitate effective contract strategies. Direct and supervise employees who work in billing and collection of taxes, licenses, etc. Conduct contract administration for projects in the office. Work as a liaison and lead planner between the city and civic organizations. Direct and manage the duties and communications among departments.

City Council Office, Richmond, VA
Contract Administrator

2000 – 2006
Manage and process public records. Oversee all the aspects related to it as: Coordination of payments, elaboration and presentation of reports, etc. Present budgets to control the expenses in the department. Schedule activities. Assign tasks and resources in the department.


Bachelor of Science in General Business Administration
Central Michigan University, Richmond, VA
April 2000

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