How to create an ASCII resume

How to create an ASCII resume

Once you’ve written a scannable resume, it’s very easy to convert it to a keyword format, for use on the Internet. Your keyword resume will have two main uses.

Send it by e-mail to employers who have requested your resume.

Upload it to employment Web sites, where it can be seen by employers and recruiters around the world (a list of these sites is given below).

To create a keyword resume

  • Open your original resume in your word processor (if you’ve already created a scannable resume, use this).
  • Save the resume as text only; this will turn it into a plain ASCII text format, suitable for use on the Internet. Now close the resume.
  • Open it up again and add a keyword section.
    Example keywords: manager, managing, management, BS Computer Science, mainframes, programming, programmer. See example keyword resumes in Appendix II for more details.

The example keyword resumes in Appendix II include one, from Bill Davis, that resulted in about 100 e-mails from recruiters and employers. Sally Jones’ keyword resume was seen by an employer who immediately flew her across the country for a job interview.

Now, here’s how to upload your keyword resume to employment sites on the Internet. Your resume will then be available to thousands of recruiters and employers!

Follow the directions at each site to copy and paste the text of your keyword resume into their resume databases.

There’s no charge, but some sites will ask you to create a user account. Point your Web browser to:

While there are hundreds of sites that accept resumes, these are among the best and will give you excellent exposure.

You’ll have to create a user account at each site, but there’s no charge for this. Just follow the instructions at each site and your resume will be online in minutes.

How to build my resume online

Creating a resume online brings you many benefits such as having your resume/CV online ready to use it when you need, updating it at anytime, adding the “resume page address” into your email, among other benefits. Then, would you like to have your resume online? Well, there are many websites that allow you to build your resume online for free.

In order you choose a resume builder that allow you to create your resume in an easy way, you have to check from a variety of options available today. Normally, most of resume builders will ask you to fill in the blanks of online forms, and to select some options.

The following are the common steps you will have to take to build your CV online:

  • Enter in the online form, your personal details: Name, address, email, etc.
  • Enter your employment experience.
  • Enter your educational information (including also language skills, computer skills, etc).
  • Add your photo.
  • Review how your online CV looks like. Make a preview.
  • Print or download your CV.

Some other options will allow you to customize your resume. You can select the style of your CV, the font color and text color, and also decide the order of the presentation of the information, among others. Also, you can receive advices on how to write the CV correctly while you are filling the form.

building a resume online

After doing all the above, you can register in the website, filling out a form with your email address and user name, this way you could modify your resume when you need.

As you will see, building your resume online is really easy!.


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