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Educational Counselors


What’s Needed:

  • Aspiring school and career counselors generally require master’s degrees to appear competitive to employers.
  • School counselors who work for private secondary schools may not be required to hold master’s degrees but they may need several years of experience as teachers or administrators.
  • From a practical perspective a Master’s Degree in School Counseling is required for all school counselors.
  • Career counselors must have a combination of internship experience practical training and a graduate-level degree in career development or general counseling.
  • Those who wish to earn positions as directors of counseling or career-advancement departments at major higher-education institutions generally need five to 10 years of on-the-job experience.

What you study:

Aspiring school and career counselors must study the following subjects:

  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Education policy and pedagogy
  • Counseling
  • Career development

Video Overview

A quick look at what educational counselors do. Produced for the US Dept. of Labor.

A Day in the Life

Since you rarely meet with students before classes begin you’re not required to be among the first wave of office staff members to arrive at work.

As an aspiring counselor you were able to choose from any number of available careers. For a long time you couldn’t decide whether you wanted to be a school counselor who focused on the advancement of the students in your care or a career counselor who helped older students and adults discover the paths that they wished to pursue in life.

Eventually you were hired as a counselor at a nearby high school. Although most of your responsibilities concern the educational and emotional needs of the students there you do occasionally provide career-related input for students who express little interest in attending college. In this regard your job allows you to sample what both fields have to offer.

While serious disciplinary problems are rare at your high school you’re often tasked with picking up the slack for your institution’s busy principal on disciplinary matters.

Today you arrive at your high school by 7:30 a.m. and set up shop in your office. Since you rarely meet with students before classes begin you’re not required to be among the first wave of office staff members to arrive at work. However you often meet with students and parents after classes end for the day. As such you’re expected to remain at work until at least 4 or 5 p.m.

At around 8:30 a.m. you meet with a student who has been experiencing troubles at home and in school. You adopt a relaxed attitude and spend 30 minutes discussing the student’s concerns. Experience has taught you to ask open-ended questions and allow the student to reveal information indirectly through long-winded answers. If they say something that interests you you ask a targeted follow-up question.

You’re confident that your speech changed more than a few attitudes.

Over the course of the meeting the student "opens up" and reveals a great deal of personal information. While you don’t think that they are in danger of failing out of school or making any rash decisions that could affect their health or safety you schedule a follow-up appointment for two weeks in the future. If the student still seems to be struggling you’ll refer them to a licensed psychologist with whom the school works from time to time.

The rest of your morning is devoted to meeting with college-track students who are getting ready to send out their applications. You evaluate each of their "personal statement" essays and offer critiques on how to strengthen them. You also review their standardized-test scores and grades to ensure that they’re applying to institutions that are likely to accept them. Each meeting takes about 20 minutes.

As you’re about to break for lunch a cafeteria monitor brings a misbehaving student into your office. While serious disciplinary problems are rare at your high school you’re often tasked with picking up the slack for your institution’s busy principal. Accordingly you have stern discussions with wayward students several times per week.

In this particular case the student in question was observed harassing a fellow student in the cafeteria. You adopt a stern posture and subject the child to a lengthy lecture about the roles and responsibilities of young adults. As the conversation progresses it turns into a referendum on the student’s progress in school. You end by informing him that college admissions officers and employers tend to look down on unruly individuals.

You eat lunch at your desk and prepare for a substance-abuse talk that you’ll give to a group of sophomores this afternoon. Once you put the finishing touches on your speech you head to the school’s auditorium and greet the entire sophomore class. After making a few "icebreaker" jokes you launch into a discussion about peer pressure and substance abuse in the student body.

Without being overly informal you try to make the talk relevant by incorporating anecdotes from your own adolescence. Although you know that these students receive much of this information in health class it’s entirely appropriate to reinforce it. As you exit the auditorium you receive polite applause from the students. You’re confident that your speech changed more than a few attitudes.

After another round of consultations with college-bound students you pack up your office and head home at around 4 p.m. Since you’ll need to attend a career fair on the school’s campus tomorrow evening you appreciate today’s relatively early exit.

Certifications and Licensing

Career counselors may not require a formal license from their state of residence. However many universities and public-sector employers prefer to hire counselors who have passed a state licensing exam and accrued at least 3000 hours of practical experience. As such aspiring career counselors may have to work as interns for a year or more before becoming "full" career counselors. The National Board for Certified Counselors serves as the "gatekeeper" for state-specific licensing matters.

Virtually all school counselors must hold state-specific licenses. As part of the licensing process aspiring workers may be required to submit to a criminal background check and meet certain education requirements. The American School Counselor Association provides state-specific exam preparation resources and other pertinent information about the licensing process.

Job Flexibility

Full-time versus part-time and work location:

The vast majority of school and career counselors work on a full-time basis at public or private primary and secondary schools. Many career counselors are employed at higher-education institutions like two-year and four-year colleges. Others may hold occupations at trade schools. A small minority are employed by mental health facilities or rehabilitation centers for convicted criminals who must find a job after their release. All of these positions require counselors to be on-site for at least 40 hours per week. While most school counselors work during regular business hours many career counselors are expected to be available during the evenings.

Recommended Websites

The following websites contain helpful information and resources for aspiring educational guidance school and career counselors:

  • National Board for Certified Counselors — The National Board for Certified Counselors is a respected authority on licensing and certification standards for aspiring counselors. In addition to school counselors the organization also provides license preparation continuing education and professional development resources for mental health counselors. With separate sections for counseling students current counselors and academics the NBCC has career-related information for anyone in the counseling ecosystem.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics — This government agency’s career-related fact sheet contains pertinent information about salary expectations education and licensing requirements job duties and long-term job growth and economic projections. Although it doesn’t have a dedicated jobs board it contains plenty of external links that prospective applicants may find useful.
  • National Career Development Association — The National Career Development Association is a major trade organization that serves current and aspiring career counselors. It offers educational licensing and professional-development resources as well as state-specific information about continuing education programs. It also maintains a jobs board and a helpful primer on careers in this sub-field.
  • American School Counselor Association — This advocacy organization’s site offers helpful information about public policy as well as ethical and career development issues that relate to school counselors. It also contains information about education licensing requirements and jobs in the field. With a state-specific jobs board this site can direct aspiring school counselors to prospective employers with ease.

Salaries by City

See typical salaries and ranges for this career below*. Shift click to sort by more than one column — for example first shift-click on state and then shift-click on salary to find best and worst salaries in each state.

StateCity / RegionTypical SalarySalary RangeJob Count% of All Jobs
AKAnchorage$65340$46K – $90K2700.16%
AKFairbanks$66890$40K – $118K1200.33%
ALAnniston – Oxford$52320$40K – $60K500.10%
ALAuburn – Opelika$47230$34K – $60K2100.44%
ALBirmingham – Hoover$54930$34K – $75K6600.14%
ALDecatur$60240$49K – $73K700.13%
ALDothan$57730$42K – $75K500.09%
ALFlorence – Muscle Shoals$57430$49K – $73K700.14%
ALGadsden$45910$22K – $59K700.20%
ALHuntsville$59910$39K – $74K2300.11%
ALMobile$45990$33K – $61K2200.13%
ALMontgomery$46120$27K – $61K3000.19%
ALTuscaloosa$43250$27K – $59K2900.33%
ARFayetteville – Springdale – Rogers$53400$32K – $88K4400.22%
ARFort Smith$45240$26K – $85K2400.22%
ARHot Springs$65290$40K – $84K600.18%
ARJonesboro$52110$33K – $69K800.16%
ARLittle Rock – North Little Rock – Conway$59430$32K – $75K4700.14%
ARPine Bluff$46090$31K – $72K900.25%
AZFlagstaff$39510$32K – $54K1800.32%
AZLake Havasu City $ Kingman$43440$34K – $55K600.13%
AZPhoenix – Mesa – Glendale$45690$29K – $84K30500.18%
AZPrescott$44000$32K – $58K600.12%
AZTucson$39350$27K – $56K6900.20%
AZYuma$35250$20K – $58K1200.21%
CABakersfield – Delano$68630$37K – $93K4200.15%
CAChico$54580$34K – $95K1800.26%
CAEl Centro$77370$40K – $105K900.17%
CAFresno$48990$33K – $104K13000.41%
CAHanford – Corcoran$70460$36K – $92K500.13%
CALos Angeles – Long Beach – Glendale (Metro Area)$71230$35K – $110K94800.24%
CAMerced$68810$32K – $99K1300.22%
CAModesto$74790$38K – $94K2200.14%
CANapa$78100$34K – $94K400.06%
CAOakland – Fremont – Hayward (Metro Area)$59610$34K – $93K22100.23%
CAOxnard – Thousand Oaks – Ventura$55560$28K – $92K4400.15%
CARedding$47480$32K – $106K1000.17%
CARiverside – San Bernardino – Ontario$66410$36K – $96K19600.17%
CASacramento – Arden – Arcade – Roseville$65570$39K – $94K16100.20%
CASalinas$51660$34K – $87K2900.18%
CASan Diego – Carlsbad – San Marcos$52820$31K – $90K28800.23%
CASan Francisco – San Mateo – Redwood City (Metro Area)$52950$36K – $88K18900.19%
CASan Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara$66490$35K – $96K21700.24%
CASan Luis Obispo – Paso Robles$59060$38K – $98K1600.16%
CASanta Ana – Anaheim – Irvine (Metro Area)$62430$36K – $116K17800.13%
CASanta Barbara – Santa Maria – Goleta$57710$44K – $77K4800.29%
CASanta Cruz – Watsonville$50870$35K – $83K1500.18%
CASanta Rosa – Petaluma$42850$22K – $81K4300.25%
CAStockton$60830$35K – $93K3500.18%
CAVallejo – Fairfield$51370$22K – $96K2300.19%
CAVisalia – Porterville$56180$36K – $97K1600.12%
CAYuba City$57510$27K – $93K800.23%
COBoulder$49220$30K – $71K3100.19%
COColorado Springs$45650$32K – $65K4600.19%
CODenver – Aurora – Broomfield$45660$31K – $71K20600.17%
COFort Collins – Loveland$44170$33K – $65K2400.18%
COGreeley$44080$34K – $60K1600.20%
COPueblo$43950$18K – $71K1800.33%
CTBridgeport – Stamford – Norwalk$66180$28K – $97K7300.18%
CTDanbury$66300$45K – $90K700.11%
CTHartford – West Hartford – East Hartford$54520$25K – $87K10300.19%
CTNew Haven$52880$27K – $89K8300.30%
CTNorwich – New London$65420$28K – $90K1700.13%
CTWaterbury$50640$26K – $79K2300.36%
DCWashington – Arlington – Alexandria (Metro Area)$62720$33K – $107K45200.19%
DEDover$64800$48K – $83KN/AN/A
DEWilmington (Metro Area)$57430$34K – $89K7400.23%
FLCape Coral – Fort Myers$61640$37K – $85K2300.11%
FLCrestview – Fort Walton Beach – Destin$38160$31K – $73K1600.22%
FLDeltona – Daytona Beach – Ormond Beach$53100$32K – $86K2800.19%
FLFort Lauderdale – Pompano Beach – Deerfield Beach (Metro Area)$49990$35K – $86K8100.11%
FLGainesville$47560$31K – $68K1100.09%
FLJacksonville$53100$30K – $100K7800.13%
FLMiami – Miami Beach – Kendall (Metro Area)$47890$31K – $73K12800.13%
FLNorth Port – Bradenton – Sarasota$53430$40K – $71K2900.12%
FLOcala$54130$34K – $80KN/AN/A
FLOrlando – Kissimmee – Sanford$54580$36K – $84K11600.11%
FLPalm Bay – Melbourne – Titusville$54410$29K – $83K3300.17%
FLPalm Coast$60790$48K – $87K400.22%
FLPensacola – Ferry Pass – Brent$58990$34K – $90K2300.15%
FLPort St. Lucie$57370$36K – $89K2100.18%
FLSebastian – Vero Beach$46160$31K – $59K400.08%
FLTallahassee$43470$27K – $87K2600.16%
FLTampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater$50630$33K – $82K17400.15%
FLWest Palm Beach – Boca Raton – Boynton Beach (Metro Area)N/AN/A – N/A5900.12%
GAAlbany$52290$33K – $73K900.15%
GAAthens – Clarke County$55510$37K – $75K1000.13%
GAAugusta – Richmond County$57200$33K – $74K2900.14%
GABrunswick$65860$34K – $81K400.10%
GAColumbus$58650$47K – $76K1600.15%
GADalton$54440$30K – $73K800.13%
GAGainesville$63440$44K – $76K900.13%
GAHinesville – Fort Stewart$70780$45K – $95K300.21%
GAMacon$52720$32K – $73K1300.14%
GARome$61300$40K – $74K400.12%
GASavannah$52430$35K – $74K2400.16%
GAValdosta$53410$35K – $70K1000.19%
GAWarner Robins$50810$18K – $72K700.13%
HIHonolulu$54910$38K – $75K10500.24%
IAAmes$45180$32K – $60K1600.40%
IACedar Rapids$52220$30K – $71K2600.19%
IADavenport – Moline – Rock Island$42070$26K – $74K3200.18%
IADes Moines – West Des Moines$49760$27K – $79K4300.13%
IADubuque$51990$34K – $70K700.12%
IAIowa City$43580$32K – $60K1500.17%
IASioux City$45320$29K – $61K1300.18%
IAWaterloo – Cedar Falls$38430$30K – $63K1500.17%
IDBoise City – Nampa$45020$27K – $75K3700.14%
IDCoeur d’Alene ID$40870$23K – $125K600.11%
IDIdaho Falls$37140$28K – $57K500.11%
IDPocatello$43440$32K – $60K700.21%
ILBloomington – Normal$45980$30K – $69K1900.22%
ILChampaign – Urbana$47250$21K – $73K2000.21%
ILChicago – Joliet – Naperville (Metro Area)$58820$29K – $108K66100.18%
ILDanville$43410$25K – $58K600.21%
ILDecatur$54160$31K – $77K1000.19%
ILKankakee – Bradley$46130$32K – $74K500.14%
ILLake County – Kenosha County (Metro Area)$59360$32K – $109K6400.17%
ILPeoria$51770$28K – $75K2100.12%
ILRockford$62510$36K – $89K1800.13%
ILSpringfield$36800$19K – $68K1900.18%
INAnderson$41390$29K – $67K600.14%
INBloomington$51680$40K – $80K6000.81%
INColumbus$46240$35K – $72K400.08%
INElkhart – Goshen$54790$39K – $74K700.06%
INEvansville$56010$34K – $73K1900.11%
INFort Wayne$56570$36K – $82K2300.12%
INGary (Metro Area)$48540$23K – $74K3000.11%
INIndianapolis – Carmel$54080$38K – $82K11700.13%
INKokomo$45710$34K – $72K700.19%
INLafayette$57460$29K – $76KN/AN/A
INMichigan City – La Porte$38950$28K – $60K1100.27%
INMuncie$40720$19K – $57K1000.22%
INSouth Bend – Mishawaka$51760$33K – $72K2700.21%
INTerre Haute$43960$32K – $82K900.14%
KSLawrence$48610$30K – $60KN/AN/A
KSManhattan$45470$31K – $77K1500.29%
KSTopeka$57020$36K – $72K1700.16%
KSWichita$49080$32K – $66K4400.16%
KYBowling Green$51270$29K – $71K1200.21%
KYElizabethtown$61710$17K – $83K1300.29%
KYLexington – Fayette$52720$26K – $77K2800.12%
KYLouisville – Jefferson County$62540$33K – $90K8100.14%
KYOwensboro$58540$41K – $76K600.13%
LAAlexandria$53230$37K – $77K1700.28%
LABaton Rouge$55860$39K – $74K9700.27%
LALafayette$52720$31K – $71K2800.18%
LALake Charles$55940$43K – $71K2000.22%
LAMonroe$52060$35K – $71K3100.42%
LANew Orleans – Metairie – Kenner$53530$31K – $72K6300.12%
LAShreveport – Bossier City$55220$40K – $72K3500.20%
MABarnstable Town$58780$30K – $77K1600.17%
MABoston – Cambridge – Quincy (Metro Area)$62640$41K – $92K29800.17%
MABrockton – Bridgewater – Easton (Metro Area)$58780$41K – $81K2300.26%
MAFramingham (Metro Area)$59410$45K – $80K2000.13%
MAHaverhill – North Andover – Amesbury (Metro Area)$59560$42K – $79K1100.14%
MALawrence – Methuen – Salem (Metro Area)$64420$40K – $86K1500.25%
MALeominster – Fitchburg – Gardner$64420$39K – $85K1100.25%
MALowell – Billerica – Chelmsford (Metro Area)$71560$44K – $91K1600.14%
MANew Bedford$46510$33K – $79K700.12%
MAPeabody (Metro Area)$51860$25K – $82K2300.23%
MAPittsfieldN/AN/A – N/A1000.30%
MASpringfield$63090$40K – $82K7100.25%
MATaunton – Norton – Raynham (Metro Area)$63100$42K – $76K500.11%
MAWorcester$57220$29K – $77K7000.29%
MDBaltimore – Towson$56410$24K – $91K27800.22%
MDBethesda – Rockville – Frederick (Metro Area)$62090$28K – $107K14000.25%
MDCumberland$45140$22K – $87K700.20%
MDHagerstown – Martinsburg$49960$23K – $68K2800.29%
MDSalisbury$52570$38K – $75K1100.22%
MEBangor$42680$32K – $68K2000.31%
MELewiston – Auburn$42670$31K – $60K1200.25%
MEPortland – South Portland – Biddeford$46140$32K – $67K3400.18%
MIAnn Arbor$59610$36K – $79K3600.19%
MIBay City$47220$28K – $98K700.21%
MIDetroit – Livonia – Dearborn (Metro Area)$64960$34K – $86K7200.10%
MIFlint$46700$33K – $83K2500.20%
MIGrand Rapids – Wyoming$57260$33K – $87K4200.11%
MIHolland – Grand Haven$44620$26K – $80K1400.13%
MIJackson$43260$32K – $61K900.18%
MIKalamazoo – Portage$56820$35K – $104K1600.12%
MILansing – East Lansing$52840$35K – $75K2300.12%
MIMuskegon – Norton Shores$57060$34K – $83K800.14%
MINiles – Benton Harbor$44420$28K – $71K1400.25%
MISaginaw – Saginaw Township North$52790$30K – $74K800.10%
MIWarren – Troy – Farmington Hills (Metro Area)$53440$24K – $90K9600.09%
MNDuluth$48220$34K – $70K3000.24%
MNMankato – North Mankato$45680$36K – $60KN/AN/A
MNMinneapolis – St. Paul – Bloomington$47560$33K – $84K26300.15%
MNRochester$38990$28K – $60K900.09%
MNSt. Cloud$55090$37K – $85K1500.16%
MOCape Girardeau – Jackson$39880$27K – $50K1800.42%
MOColumbia$44660$25K – $72KN/AN/A
MOJefferson City$42490$31K – $52K1800.25%
MOJoplin$49520$20K – $62K1400.18%
MOKansas City$47820$31K – $72K21900.23%
MOSpringfield$41280$30K – $56K3800.21%
MOSt. Joseph$41960$29K – $56K1100.22%
MOSt. Louis$46330$28K – $78K29000.23%
MSGulfport – Biloxi$48290$35K – $69K1300.12%
MSHattiesburg$19070$16K – $57K1300.23%
MSJackson$46840$31K – $63K3600.14%
MSPascagoula$57990$45K – $73K600.11%
MTBillings$41050$23K – $69K1900.23%
MTGreat Falls$38510$27K – $90K400.11%
NCAsheville$44710$33K – $60K2300.14%
NCBurlington$44720$34K – $66K1000.17%
NCCharlotte – Gastonia – Rock Hill$47430$35K – $68K12800.15%
NCDurham – Chapel Hill$44680$27K – $63K4000.15%
NCFayetteville$42500$32K – $59K2600.21%
NCGoldsboro$39030$27K – $58K1300.35%
NCGreensboro – High Point$45410$32K – $59K4900.14%
NCGreenville$45460$34K – $58K1500.20%
NCHickory – Lenoir – Morganton$46520$34K – $60K2000.14%
NCJacksonville$51270$36K – $64K700.16%
NCRaleigh – Cary$46420$32K – $72K8400.16%
NCRocky Mount$49350$34K – $61K1300.24%
NCWilmington$47420$37K – $60K2200.16%
NCWinston – Salem$40210$18K – $57K4600.23%
NDBismarck$51350$35K – $74K1300.20%
NDFargo$53050$32K – $73K2400.19%
NDGrand Forks$49520$33K – $75K900.19%
NELincoln$54170$31K – $74K2000.12%
NEOmaha – Council Bluffs$50500$34K – $69K7100.16%
NHManchester$44230$32K – $70K2900.29%
NHNashua (Metro Area)$52010$35K – $73K2300.18%
NHPortsmouth$57990$44K – $75K600.10%
NHRochester – Dover$46260$23K – $68K1700.31%
NJAtlantic City – Hammonton$73580$51K – $97K1900.14%
NJCamden (Metro Area)$68740$35K – $95K8800.18%
NJEdison – New Brunswick (Metro Area)$69240$47K – $94K12400.13%
NJNewark – Union (Metro Area)$65460$40K – $98K13900.15%
NJOcean City$60700$41K – $91K500.14%
NJTrenton – Ewing$72690$49K – $97K2900.13%
NJVineland – Millville – Bridgeton$61950$48K – $88K1400.24%
NMAlbuquerque$47570$27K – $60K6200.17%
NMFarmington$49710$24K – $69K1100.23%
NMLas Cruces$57140$33K – $89K2200.34%
NMSanta Fe$53020$34K – $83K600.10%
NVCarson City$38570$32K – $74K400.16%
NVLas Vegas – Paradise$59350$37K – $75K7800.09%
NVReno – Sparks$50610$23K – $72K3500.18%
NYAlbany – Schenectady – Troy$56600$38K – $84K10700.25%
NYBinghamton$56570$40K – $85K2400.23%
NYBuffalo – Niagara Falls$49490$30K – $82K10900.20%
NYGlens Falls$56780$42K – $82K1000.18%
NYIthaca$44610$30K – $74K2200.44%
NYKingston$67470$39K – $111K1500.27%
NYNassau – Suffolk (Metro Area)$69460$31K – $116K23100.19%
NYNew York – White Plains – Wayne (Metro Area)$65090$32K – $107K92400.18%
NYPoughkeepsie – Newburgh – Middletown$68680$41K – $101K7100.29%
NYRochester$53520$36K – $83K13400.27%
NYSyracuse$59150$33K – $92K6400.21%
NYUtica – Rome$54340$35K – $90K2700.22%
OHAkron$76440$36K – $93K5900.19%
OHCanton – Massillon$61850$27K – $75K2600.16%
OHCincinnati – Middletown$53280$28K – $82K13100.13%
OHCleveland – Elyria – Mentor$60790$34K – $89K15800.16%
OHColumbus$60660$34K – $94K16600.18%
OHDayton$59450$38K – $84K7900.22%
OHLima$65980$43K – $93K500.09%
OHMansfield$63540$39K – $74K700.14%
OHSandusky$71030$49K – $92K400.11%
OHSpringfield$54730$32K – $74K1100.24%
OHSteubenville – Weirton$45310$27K – $63K700.16%
OHToledo$57220$31K – $74K5300.18%
OHYoungstown – Warren – Boardman$59630$33K – $80K2800.13%
OKLawton$45780$32K – $59K1200.29%
OKOklahoma City$40710$26K – $58K11100.19%
OKTulsa$47270$25K – $81K6800.16%
ORBend$65470$39K – $75K600.10%
ORCorvallis$46390$36K – $60K1700.52%
OREugene – Springfield$47450$30K – $75K2500.18%
ORMedford$58040$32K – $86K1000.13%
ORPortland – Vancouver – Hillsboro$56590$38K – $74K15000.15%
ORSalem$50720$33K – $68K2400.17%
PAAllentown – Bethlehem – Easton$55540$35K – $77K5600.17%
PAAltoona$42750$27K – $56K1100.20%
PAErie$47410$32K – $60K2700.21%
PAHarrisburg – Carlisle$52990$33K – $74K5000.16%
PAJohnstown$61450$35K – $85K1300.23%
PALancaster$56790$34K – $82K3600.16%
PALebanon$53920$42K – $74K700.14%
PAPhiladelphia (Metro Area)$50810$28K – $86K42400.23%
PAPittsburgh$49840$28K – $73K19900.18%
PAReading$58320$40K – $89K3400.21%
PAScranton – Wilkes – Barre$45240$28K – $72K5400.22%
PAState College$49130$41K – $69K2100.32%
PAWilliamsport$56740$34K – $75K900.17%
PAYork – Hanover$62030$31K – $90K4800.27%
PRAguadilla – Isabela – San Sebastian$35460$29K – $42K1200.30%
PRGuayama$32670$21K – $44K400.32%
PRMayaguez$35340$23K – $40K800.26%
PRPonce$39120$22K – $48K1400.26%
PRSan Juan – Caguas – Guaynabo$32940$21K – $44K11400.15%
RIProvidence – Fall River – Warwick$57850$27K – $89K11700.22%
SCAnderson$50030$33K – $71K1100.19%
SCCharleston – North Charleston – Summerville$51430$32K – $73K4500.15%
SCColumbia$46200$32K – $71K10300.30%
SCFlorence$47310$30K – $64K2100.26%
SCGreenville – Mauldin – Easley$63330$36K – $113K9400.32%
SCMyrtle Beach – North Myrtle Beach – Conway$55790$42K – $75K1300.12%
SCSpartanburg$53940$32K – $75K2400.21%
SCSumter$58730$37K – $74K1100.33%
SDRapid City$38890$28K – $57K1000.16%
SDSioux Falls$37310$30K – $56K1700.13%
TNChattanooga$56130$35K – $77K2700.12%
TNClarksville$47770$30K – $67K2200.28%
TNCleveland$44740$24K – $58K700.18%
TNJackson$39190$26K – $58K1400.24%
TNJohnson City$36050$30K – $50K1800.23%
TNKingsport – Bristol – Bristol$46700$33K – $72K1700.15%
TNKnoxville$44340$30K – $60K4000.12%
TNMemphis$54100$36K – $73K9900.17%
TNMorristown$43040$32K – $58K1100.24%
TNNashville – Davidson – Murfreesboro – Franklin$46000$32K – $68K13400.18%
TXAbilene$44100$27K – $60K2000.32%
TXAmarillo$52960$33K – $67K2200.20%
TXAustin – Round Rock – San Marcos$47730$31K – $67K21000.26%
TXBeaumont – Port Arthur$53800$36K – $71K2300.15%
TXBrownsville – Harlingen$53920$35K – $71K4300.35%
TXCollege Station – Bryan$42520$32K – $59K3300.36%
TXCorpus Christi$59020$40K – $85K3200.18%
TXDallas – Plano – Irving (Metro Area)$58550$34K – $81K35900.17%
TXEl Paso$58010$36K – $73K6200.22%
TXFort Worth – Arlington (Metro Area)$56810$34K – $74K18300.21%
TXHouston – Sugar Land – Baytown$55780$36K – $75K44900.17%
TXKilleen – Temple – Fort Hood$54140$28K – $71K3300.26%
TXLaredoN/AN/A – N/A2000.23%
TXLongview$52060$20K – $70K1300.13%
TXLubbock$43830$25K – $65K3000.24%
TXMcAllen – Edinburg – Mission$56950$34K – $73K8600.38%
TXMidland$51310$30K – $69K900.11%
TXSan Angelo$55000$43K – $73K700.17%
TXSan Antonio – New Braunfels$61330$38K – $81K17600.20%
TXSherman – Denison$52880$33K – $68K1300.32%
TXTexarkana – Texarkana$53720$29K – $72K1000.18%
TXTyler$50180$29K – $63K1500.17%
TXWaco$48360$33K – $63K2700.26%
TXWichita Falls$53050$40K – $66K1000.18%
UTLogan$42440$31K – $61K1500.31%
UTOgden – Clearfield$46960$28K – $68K3000.15%
UTProvo – Orem$46950$29K – $73K6700.38%
UTSalt Lake City$46760$28K – $74K8500.14%
UTSt. George$40820$31K – $60K700.15%
VABlacksburg – Christiansburg – Radford$49940$31K – $68K1400.22%
VACharlottesville$42930$28K – $72K2800.29%
VADanville$56490$31K – $81K900.25%
VAHarrisonburg$41400$27K – $59K1400.25%
VALynchburg$47160$35K – $70K1400.15%
VARichmond$53640$35K – $74K9400.16%
VARoanoke$51580$35K – $75K2500.17%
VAVirginia Beach – Norfolk – Newport News$54750$33K – $85K13400.19%
VAWinchester$51390$30K – $77K1000.19%
VTBurlington – South Burlington$54690$36K – $76K2200.19%
WABellingham$52880$32K – $74K2000.26%
WAKennewick – Pasco – Richland$59160$38K – $76K1800.18%
WALongview$49590$39K – $71K700.20%
WAMount Vernon – Anacortes$58670$38K – $80K900.21%
WAOlympia$60740$42K – $87K1700.19%
WASeattle – Bellevue – Everett (Metro Area)$55230$41K – $78K18500.13%
WASpokane$56990$37K – $75K4500.23%
WATacoma (Metro Area)$58710$38K – $77K5100.20%
WAWenatchee – East Wenatchee$53520$38K – $75K800.21%
WAYakima$58580$43K – $77K2100.27%
WIAppleton$60240$41K – $124K1100.09%
WIEau Claire$49360$34K – $62K1200.15%
WIFond du Lac$53070$32K – $74K900.20%
WIGreen Bay$55770$39K – $82K1600.09%
WIJanesville$52620$39K – $70K1000.16%
WILa Crosse$46250$33K – $77K800.12%
WIMadison$49890$32K – $74K3900.12%
WIMilwaukee – Waukesha – West Allis$50910$33K – $85K8600.11%
WIOshkosh – Neenah$45290$31K – $69K800.09%
WIRacine$50820$18K – $69K1100.15%
WISheboygan$60990$32K – $89K600.11%
WIWausau$62450$42K – $75K700.10%
WVCharleston$43960$22K – $69K2800.19%
WVHuntington – Ashland$50050$28K – $71K2200.20%
WVMorgantown$37240$24K – $57K1000.17%
WVParkersburg – Marietta – Vienna$49690$33K – $72K1000.15%
WVWheeling$54640$33K – $75K700.10%
WYCheyenne$65980$51K – $77K1900.44%