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Kellen James
…a national staffing firm that specializes in the placement of high-impact sales, marketing and management talent in Legal Services, Education and E-Learning markets (this includes library, k-12, and academic markets). They handle retained as well as contingency searches, and visitors to their site are welcome to review a list of current openings they are working to fill from the US and Canada and to submit a resume for consideration or create a profile to store in their database for later.
Aquent (was Sakson & Taylor)
…a leading content design and development firm. They are always searching for graphic designers, writers, editors, instructional design professionals, and others who can work in this area.

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Many of the "librarian" resources will also list jobs for paraprofessionals and library or information center support staff. For a little fun insight on librarianship, check out Unshelved.
Going International!, Sarah Prescott (
"As an international librarian with 11 years’ experience in six different countries, I have spent considerable time researching and living the expatriate life (expat for short) as well as answering questions from others who would like to try it." This extensive article includes comments on her own expat life along with numerous resources for finding volunteer as well as paid opportunities outside of the US.
American Library Association
… the oldest and largest library association in the world, and much of the website is open to nonmembers as well as members. Under Education and Careers you will find links to accredited programs, employment listings from various ALA publications, and much more. You can also look under Our Association for links to individual divisions, chapters, and round tables, some of whom operate their own career and employment sections.
Working Overseas: Opportunities and Challenges, Fritz Herrick (
"If you are mobile and ambitious, you may wish to spend part of your career living and working in another country. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing so, but if you are unsatisfied with the opportunities open to you in your own country, looking beyond its borders could open up the opportunity of a lifetime."
American Association of Law Libraries
…"The American Association of Law Libraries was founded in 1906 to promote and enhance the value of law libraries to the legal and public communities, to foster the profession of law librarianship, and to provide leadership in the field of legal information." Their website includes information on the profession, professional development workshops offered by the association and other organizations, jobs, and other good resources.
…vacancy announcements for art librarians, visual resources professionals, and related positions, from the Art Libraries Society of North America
Association of Research Libraries Career Resources
Job openings in member and non-member libraries. Dates of posting and closing dates are shown. You may also want to review their Residency Position Announcements, listings of residency programs and internships in academic and research libraries and/or library and information science educational programs.
CILIP: Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Based in the UK, CILIP was formed by the merger of the Institute of Information Scientists (IIS) and The Library Association (LA). The website is filled with information for library and information professionals and paraprofessionals as well as persons considering entering this field. The Jobs and Careers section is very good.
Free Pint
Free Pint is a free newsletter written by information professionals who share how they find quality and reliable information on the Internet. It is published every two weeks by email. The web site, The Free Pint Portal, is filled with a wide range of select resources covering a number of industries and countries as well as subject access to all the email newsletter’s content. Other resources on the site include job listings, book reviews, events listings and real-time news.
…"Jobs in Information". Yup, a job site for all of us info geeks, be we librarians, library assistants, database and website managers, etc etc etc. Operated by the folks at FreePint. Sign up for the free Jinfo Newsletter, published twice monthly and listing the latest job vacancies, along with career advice and job searching tips, from information-industry recruitment consultants.
They have contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire (permanent) positions listed in numerous fields including information management. Submit your resume in direct response to any posting you see or submit it via their general "submission" page.
JobSite, from the iSchool@Toronto
…the online placement service of the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto. JobSite lists vacancies for information professionals in areas included in the Faculty’s curriculum: library and information science, archival studies, records management and information systems. Listings cover Canada plus US/International. Review all jobs currently posted (most recent are first), review jobs by fields, or review them by location. They also have a short list of links to other helpful sources.
..networking and career site for librarians and others in the information profession. You can review much of the site without registering, and even review and apply for the jobs listed here, but filling out the free registration will allow you to post comments and questions and get into the network. To create job alerts, all you need to do is enter your name and email address. LibGig is a service of Library Associates.
LIBJOBS is a mailing list for employment opportunities for librarians and information professionals. To subscribe, merely enter your email address in the box provided (subscribers receive nothing from this list except job opportunities). Persons who do not want to subscribe to the mailing list can review the archives through the web. These are split into various chronological sections by month and year with the most recent postings being at the very end.
The NY Librarians Meetup Group
"Social networking for New York Librarians and library students from all and backgrounds. Come discuss developments in the field, explore professional opportunities, examine emerging technologies, and engage in good old-fashioned librarianship!" We are a very social profession, and this is the perfect opportunity to meet, greet, and engage with others in your field. Everything you want to know you’ll learn here before you decide to join. Online and In-Person meeting opportunities.
Oh the Places You Will Go…
…the new career site from the American Library Association. Visitors can learn about the many positions in libraries as well as the variety of careers you can pursue in this field. They also include links to resources to help pay for education and find jobs.
Open Cover Letters
"Anonymous cover letters from hired librarians and archivists." Yes, this is a collection of actual cover letters submitted by persons seeking work in these fields who were actually hired. These letters were submitted by the authors, and all of the personally-identifiable information has been retracted, so you cannot tell who was hired and where. What you can see is the enthusiasm, personal sales and marketing pitch, and specific qualification and experience match that put these authors at the top of the candidate list. Check the categories to the side because not every letter in here is for a "library" position. There are a few blanks yet, so if you have a successful letter you used that can serve as a sample to others, please submit it. This site is managed by Stephen X. Flynn of the College of Wooster.
Library Journal
…the trade journal of the Library and Information Sciences profession is now online complete with the classified ads. Search or browse the current listings in the Job Zone, but even better look over all the articles and such in the Careers area. I believe the jobs are only the listings from the current edition of LJ, but they don’t say.
Library of Congress
…employment opportunities with LC and the CRS, volunteer openings, fellowships, and other opportunities to integrate yourself with LC and its many services. Not all positions require an MLS.
Library Job Postings on the Internet
… very comprehensive list of resources. Includes the update schedule for each site, scope of jobs included, and instructions for navigating each site. Managed by Sarah Nesbeitt at Eastern Illinois University
…offers career development and employment resources for librarians and information professionals, MLS students and those considering a library-related career. There are articles contributed by information professionals along with links to related resources and lists of print materials. Nicely done by Priscilla Shontz, author of "Jump Start Your Career in Library & Information Science". – The Librarian’s Job Search Source
…compiled and constantly reviewed by Rachel Singer Gordon, a librarian in Franklin Park, IL who developed this after experiencing her own frustration with the difficulty in finding jobs for librarians through more traditional means. She also provides space for job listings.
Major Orchestra Librarians’ Association
…founded in 1983, the organization’s primary goal was to help improve communication among orchestra librarians. The Association’s other objectives include educating and assisting librarians, presenting a unified voice in publisher relations and providing education, support, and information to performing arts and other music service organizations. This small but interesting subsection of library and performance professionals now claims a membership of over 137 libraries, including those of orchestras, opera and ballet companies, military bands and music conservatories from organizations in North America, Europe, the Mideast, Asia and Australia. Interesting information on this field, including a nice pamphlet titled The Orchestra Librarian, A Career Introduction. There are a few job listings that have been posted on their mailing list.
Music Library Association
The association for music libraries and librarians. Nice place to examine this specialty within the field. Check the Placement Service Job List, a monthly listing of open positions for music librarians across the U.S. A nice feature of the Job List is the listing of recently filled positions as well as a review of positions posted in previous months. Several months of the Job List are available online.
Jobs, SLA Career Center
Founded in 1909, Special Libraries Association (SLA) is the international association representing the interests of information professionals in over eighty countries worldwide. Special librarians are information resource experts who collect, analyze, evaluate, package, and disseminate information to facilitate accurate decision-making in corporate, academic, and government settings. The job board features numerous openings in the facilities which all visitors can review, but to submit applications for these positions you will need to create an account and upload your resume (free).

Please check the Local US listings for ad itional resources. You may also be interested in the resources listed under Knowledge Management / Records Management / Competitive Intelligence, below.

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Knowledge Management / Records Management / Competitive Intelligence

Call it Business Intelligence, Market Analysis, Knowledge Management, Records Management, or Competitive Intelligence, this job field includes anyone who creates and / or manages business knowledge, using thisto enhance business decision-making and organizational performance. The difference between these folks and corporate spies is ethics — these folks have a code and they follow it. Qualifications usually include a background in library sciences or business mangement and analysis.

ARMA International
…established in 1955, ARMA International is "a not-for-profit professional association and the authority on managing records and information — paper and electronic. […] Its approximately 11,000 members include records managers, archivists, corporate librarians, imaging specialists, legal professionals, IT managers, consultants, and educators, all of whom work in a wide variety of industries, including government, legal, healthcare, financial services, and petroleum in the United States, Canada, and 30-plus other countries." Interested users can learn about records and information management, certification in this field, and much more. Job seekers can access the online career center as a visitor (login and password provided) but will not be able to apply to jobs posted here. You can register for a free account, but always remember that you should repay the generosity of the association by joining.
CI (Competitive Intelligence) Career Center, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals
This job board from SCIP lists numerous opportunities for people in this field and allows anyone to review and apply for these positions. You may need to set up a free account to use the "Apply Now" feature and to store a resume here, but if this is your field then this should be your professional association.

You may also be interested in the resources listed under Libraries, above

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American Association of Museums
AAM is the national service organization representing the American museum community. Their web site features information about the association, about museums, and career and employment resources. Under "Resources" you’ll find links to an online Reference Library, Web Sites of Interest with links to related organizations, and the Aviso Classifieds. Aviso is their monthly newsletter with employment announcements. These can also be viewed online but only one or two months at a time. Ads can be searched by job area, keyword, and geographic region, and AAM accredited institutions are noted.
Global Museum
…a weekly webzine dedicated to museums. The website includes employment listings, a place to post resumes for a small fee, and lots of information. You can subscribe to the webzine for free through the site.
H-Museum Mailing List
…a moderated mailing list for professionals professionals in "museums, universities and other academic institutions, as well as … students of the arts, cultural sciences, museology and history." The list will focus primarily on questions related to museums, especially museums and the Internet, but it is also intended to be interdisciplinary and will include archaeological, historical, cultural, and artistic information. Users may read archived messages and join the list at the above URL. Job announcements in museums are posted on the list. The fastest way to see these is to select a log to review (June 2002) and look for the messages marked POS at the beginning. Note the list is multilingual. Most postings are in German and English, but other languages may appear.
MERC — Museum Employment Resource Center
…job listings for museums and a resume center. He also links to sources for training and conference listings. Nice feature–dates of posting for all job announcements, so you know when it was posted and when it will be removed. Resume posting is done for a fee and cannot exceed 1000 words.
…jobs in museums all around the world. The default site covers the world, but you can choose to work with just those postings from Canada, the UK, or the US. Check out their client list for a who’s who of museums.

More resources can be found under Graphics & Design and Arts.

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Verbatim Court Reporters

Stenotype (Court) Reporter
Career and Education information along with Job and Salary Data by Metropolitan Area. Part of The Riley Guide’s Career Research Center
…everything you wanted to know about court reporting and broadcast captioning, how it is evolving and moving from the court room into new jobs in business and multi-media fields, and even working to assist the hearing disabled through captioning technology. The career options section covers the many career paths such as scoping, medical and legal transcriptionists, and captioning as well as the more traditional courtroom services. You will also find all the information you need on the various certification programs in this field. Info is provided by the National Court Reporters Association, just below.
NCRA, the National Court Reporters Association
…the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the need for more experts to aid in captioning makes this a growing field! NCRA’s website can help you learn about this occupation, where to get the best training, and all the places that training can take you. Their job bank is open to all.
National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA)
…the national professional association of verbatim court reporters. NVRA members document the official record of congressional hearings, court proceedings, administrative hearings, depositions, conferences, and similar events and proceedings. Persons interested in this field will find information on the work, education and certification programs, and classified ads.
Huseby Inc.
…"an association of Registered Professional Court Reporters, Certified Legal Video Specialists and Professional Legal Service Providers, providing Nationwide court reporting services, video services, litigation support services, and document management, which may include scanning, coding, bates labeling and copying." Huseby is a leader in the court reporting and litigation support services industry and provides court reporting jobs for many individuals across the country. This firm employs highly trained certified court reporters, videographers, stenographers, etc. in locations across who are available to assist courts and other members of the legal community as needed. Persons interested in positions with this company are welcome to call or fax a resume to the corporate headquarters in North Carolina. Their News section and Blog both contain great info for professionals in this field.
Todd Olivas & Associates
…an independent court reporting agency serving clients nationwide. Normally I don’t link to specific employers, but Mr. Olivas offers much more than just information on his company and services (and a link requesting your info if you’d like to join his list of reporters). His blog includes terrific career advice for persons in this field (or anyone considering it). He links to "hot news" for this profession, which is very interesting. And he has created Quiz Central, a place where students, working professionals, legal staff, and even attorneys can test their knowledge of court reporting and other legal knowledge. Even if you don’t join him, this is a great career resource.
Internet Scoping School
What is a scopist? "Simply stated, a scopist’s job is to edit transcripts, written by court reporters on stenotype machines, into readable, easily understood English. The official NCRA definition is: ‘A scopist is one who edits a transcript translated by CAT (Computer-Aided Transcription) software into English, correcting mistrans/untrans of steno notes, employing proper punctuation, English, and format.’" The Internet Scoping School offers an online course in scoping along with information on this career field and how to figure out if this could be an interesting choice for you.
"This site is dedicated to the support of the professions of the scopist and court reporter by providing reference resources, word lists, employment opportunities and just about anything of use to court reporters and scopists all over the world!" The site includes a directory of freelance scopists, a place to post job announcements, and links to useful reference sources for scopists.

Information on other legal professions is available.

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