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The Riley Guide: About the Guide

How We Select a Site for Listing

All services and resources included in this guide must include job listings or other career, employment-related, or education information, services, and/or resources that benefit job seekers.
  • We prefer services and sites offering free access to the job listings or other resources, but we will consider inclusion of a fee-based resource if we can determine that it is:
    1. exclusive to the niche it serves and/or
    2. valid in charging for the services it provides.
  • Sites which are merely selling products or advertising their services will not be included. We want you to have something of value for all visitors, whether or not they opt to purchase your services or resources.
  • We want to know who is operating a site and we want to see contact information beyond a simple email address or a Contact Form. Anonymous sites that do not provide any information on who is behind their operation will have to be particularly wonderful and/or useful to be considered for a listing, and if listed will include a note regarding this lack of information.
  • We prefer sites that do not register their domain names as "Private", thereby hiding the name and contact information of the owner/operator.
  • Anonymous sites with no contact info and utilizing Private Domain protection will not be considered at all.

All sites submitted for a listing are evaluated according to these criteria. However, the final decision for inclusion and placement or rejection is The Riley Guide’s publisher.

The Addition of Fee-Based Services

As stated before, some sites which charge for their services may be included since the information or service they offer is unique or the field or industry is not otherwise represented online. The final decision about listing a site is Riley’s publisher. However, we do not run background checks on these sites nor do we purchase their products to test them. The decision to do business with any service and the responsibility for making such a decision is yours alone.

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How to Request a Listing

  1. Please check to be sure you are not already listed. We get a lot of mail from sites (or from the marketing firms they’ve hired) requesting listings when they are already in the guide. To check, you can search using Google by typing your site name and For example to see if xyz site is already on Riley, type the following into a google search box:
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Policy on Reciprocal Links

The Riley Guide does not request nor require reciprocal links with other guides and sites. We do not honor requests for reciprocal links. We only consider additions to our guide’s listings based on our How we select sites… criteria.

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If you Want to Link to The Riley Guide

Permission is granted for anyone who is interested to link to The Riley Guide or any page within the guide at any time, but the location address (URL) must not be hidden through the use of frames nor any other technology nor technical development.

If we hear of The Riley Guide being included in resources and services with whom we do not want to be associated, we will write and request removal.

If we discover you are copying the content of our site to yours without our explicit permission and without appropriate credit, we will contact your host and your advertisers and file complaints in accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, section 512.

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How to Contact Riley Guide

You can send listing requests here:

Send Listing Request Message to Riley Guide

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