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More Online Job Search Directories

The Riley Guide: Sites with Job Listings

More Online Job Search Directories

This page points you to sites similar to this one, all offering lists of links to job and career resources.

Job Searching from
Like many other career and employment metasites, this one offers you articles on job searching, career choices, and links to employment sites. Unlike many others, it is operated by someone with a background in human resources and career services. Lots of great advice and resources, and you can even get into discussions with others or send the editor a question.
…pretty nice looking directory of resources, including targeted resource lists for specific career fields and geographic locations., was
… an online portal to hundreds of job boards from professional associations that contract with Boxwood Technology, Inc. to provide their online career center. Intended to help employers and recruiters find the best place to target necessary professionals, it is a great friend to jobseekers in the many professions represented by these boards. You search by keyword and location in the search box, but the Advanced search will allow you to specify certain locations (US and international) and add in other criteria.
…a directory of career and employment sites. They have organized the listings into various categories, including Industries, Regions, Careers, Training, Freelance, Job Search, and more. You can also do a keyword search on terms like "biotechnology".
…a huge directory of employment and career-related sites online. Not so sure about all the categories nor the listings, but there are some interesting links for you to explore.
Top 100 Job Search Websites, (last updated January 2011)
This is a list of 100 top job search niches (areas, not boards) and the top 3 or 4 sites within each niche according to search statistics gathered from Google. The data is compiled, analyzed, and reviewed by Eric Shannon, who operates several niche job sites of his own, including LatPro and JustJobs (one of my advertisers). "The point of this list is to avoid looking at the same jobs or job seekers that everyone else is looking at. Yes, you should use one of the largest general-purpose job boards and a job search engine. There, you will find the greatest numbers — and you will be competing with everyone and their brother. But, if you are looking for something harder to find, this report may be helpful." It’s a great list organized by a search area — Nonprofit, Government, etc. Be sure to read his intro so you know what is not included — sites that lack top Google rankings, sites with top rankings but low credibility or authenticity, and sites that require registration or paid memberships to be useful.
International Association of Employment Web Sites Member Roster
…a long list with some basic information on each site that you may find useful (Industry and Geographic Area Served).
…now operated by Susan Joyce of NETability, and still going very strong. Still offers numerous well-selected links to job search resources for the world. You can search for job sites by location, profession, industry or job type., by Richard Bolles
You can’t beat Dick Bolles for excellent in career and job search information and advice. This a supplement to his bestseller, What Color is Your Parachute?, and his NetGuide is part of this site. Only the best get included, and the best of the best even get a little parachute to make it easier for you to find them.
… Originally started for California, JobStar has been expanding to new areas. This is a great site for all users. Includes reviews of major job sites, lists for specific fields and industries, great salary information sources, and other highly useful stuff.
Job Board Reviews
Yes, you can read what other job seekers and employers think of the various job boards. No, not everything is here and no, not everything has been reviewed, but many have. Might be worth a look.
Quintessential Career and Job-Hunting Resources Guide
…from the authors of Dynamic Cover Letters, this is a meta-guide to everything you need for your job search. From the initial "what do I want to do," this site gives you great information and resources from both off and online publications. Their job and career site lists are quite good, and if you have children looking for ideas, there is information here for them too.
Recruiter Resources Directory
This online portal is designed to be a one-stop resource for the recruiting, staffing, and HR industries. It also servers as an excellent source for the job seeker. The site includes links to job boards, job fairs, trade publications (most have job listings), and recruiting agencies (i.e., the recruiters). They also list recruiting associations — those groups representing recruiters and often hosting searchable member directories online. My only complaint is they list a lot of categories with no content, but the assure me that you can submit resources to fill these. Meanwhile, enjoy this resource as much as the recruiters do. Developed and maintained by the Chicago Internet.
Weddle’s Association Directory
…nice directory with hundreds of trade and professionals associations from around the world by their primary professional/occupational focus and/or industry of interest and provides a link to the Web-site they operate. Since most associations operate some sort of career center or job board, these are terrific sources for job seekers.
Employment and Work from Yahoo
I know you are all going to zero in on the Jobs section, but let me suggest you take a look at the Career Fields before you all go running off. This is the place where you will find those links for resources specific to Administrative Support, Architecture, Animation, Commercial Fishing, Pharmacology, Sports, and some other kinda, uh, different careers.

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