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The Riley Guide: International Job Sites

Multi-National Job Resources

This page is focused on sites and resources covering multiple countries and/or regions. Many of the major online job banks also carry international job postings, as do many of our occupation and industry-specific resources.


Antal International
…"a network of over 50 fully-staffed offices in 24 countries, recruiting talent in a range of industry sectors & skill functions. Since inception in 1993 Antal has placed executives in over 75 countries and offers clients a choice of recruitment & staffing solutions from Retained Executive Search, Search & Selection to Contingent Recruitment in Permanent, Interim & Contract / Temporary staffing." Visitors can easily search their database of jobs and forward resumes/CVs to the listed consultant via email without registering. If you do not see something that matches your qualifications, you can register and submit a resume for future consideration. At the time of review we saw numerous postings from all around the world in a number of industries and job areas.
ART: Atlantic Research Technologies
…"Worldwide executive search firm for upper and middle management and staff: high-tech, industrial and service sectors." Please note that even though they are a world-wide recruitment firm, they will only accept American or Canadian style resumes in English. They do have information for you to follow in converting your resume to this style. A sample of the jobs they are working to fill is available.
Barclay Simpson
…"a leading company in corporate governance recruitment in the UK, having specialised in corporate governance since 1989." Based in London, this contingency recruiting firm specializes in jobs in Internal auditing, information security, IT auditing, information security, risk, compliance, financial crimes, legal, and public sector jobs. They offer international placements including the UK, US, Middle East, and Australiasia. You can search the site, view the listings and even read over their extensive career and industry information, but you will need to register for a free account to apply for any postings you see here. They have a very impressive list of openings in these fields, both permanent and interim and handle occasional retained searches on behalf of clients.
…an international employment search engine. You can search by keywords and location or browse the jobs by industry or location. They also offer subsets of the mega database by country (oooh, Malta!). Select the CareerJet Worldwide tab to view the list of countries and target your search a bit more effectively.
Chronos Consulting
Founded by British, American and Swedish entrepreneurs in the 1990s, Chronos Consulting and its partner Coberon Russia combine to offer staffing, consulting and software outsourcing services and solutions for blue chip customers around the world. They have representation in numerous countries and serve clients in even more location. Their website features their full list of staffing as well as direct-hire opportunities, and candidates matching the stated requirements (including work eligibility) are welcome to submit a resume/cv in response to any listing and to register for a free account which includes adding your data to their system.

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Embassy Job Search
…links to employment and job information in embassies operated by various countries around the world. This site does not list opportunities nor does it maintain a resume/CV database. It is merely here to link you to job opportunities in various embassies. At the time of review, the only countries represented were the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and India. Select the country you wish to represent, then the region of the world that interests you, and links to relevant websites will be provided. This service is operated by an employee of the US Department of State, so yes, he has some knowledge of this. He also offers some advice on obtaining a job in a US Embassy, which includes a link to his blog on his own experiences as a DoS employee.
…UK-based website with numerous job listings. They do have job listings from many other countries besides the UK, and you can find them quickly by merely doing a keyword search on the country of your choice. Jobseekers are not required by are strongly encouraged to create an account, upload a CV, and set up search alerts, all of which are free services. However, applications are made directly to the employers or agents posting jobs on this site, so storing your CV here is more for exposure than application ease. You also have the option of posting a public "Employ Me Now" advertisement which will appear on the front page of the site, but only registered employers have access to your CV.
Engineering jobs in Europe. Their target audience is engineers who are native speakers of most European languages and are also able to perform in English, who seek work and are willing to relocate around Europe, and who usually hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in the noted field. There are jobs in the database for entry level personnel, but my quick review did not turn up anything below a college degree level. The site is free, and you do not need to register to use the site nor to apply for the jobs listed here, but if you will submit your resume/CV, they will alert you to new positions before they are posted. So you know, when you select a job to review, you will be directed to the original website to review more information and submit your application. There are some very good companies represented here, and the site is one of many operated by EuroJobsites Limited in Brussels.
…"pan-European job site." Any visitor can search the jobs and review the listings, but you must register in order to apply for positions found listed here. I personally prefer the "Jobs by Country" feature, because as you pull up each country you will see how many jobs in that country are listed (if any) and in what fields.
Based in the UK, this is an executive job and career site offering free access to pre-screened senior management jobs across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Visitors can search and review job listings, but you will need to register in order to apply for any you find. Now, there are different levels of membership ranging from free to "premium platinum". You can compare and contrast the benefits of each before you register, but you can always register for free to try the site then upgrade if you feel that would be more beneficial. In any case, just creating the free account allows you to post a CV, establish job alerts to be sent to you, and much more. There were numerous very good jobs listed here at the time of review. Please note that all require you to state up front whether or not you have the necessary national work permissions as a part of your application.
…an executive search firm based in London, Milan, Prague and Warsaw. They have a portal where qualified candidates can register to be considered by our various researchers for positions all over Europe and sometimes beyond. They also publish a magazine, Executive Board, with various tips on career advancement. You can received this for free once you have registered with the site (name/email address).
They don’t want to be the largest expat career site online, but they do want to be one of the highest quality. Yes, these are jobs in countries worldwide (including the US) posted here because the recruiters/employers are not necessarily seeking residents or citizens but merely the best people they can find. The site is free for job seekers, and jobs are posted for 30- 45 days. You can search this site without registering, but some of the listings will require you to create an account in order to submit an application. There is very little contact information on the site other than a phone number, but using that I was able to find an office in New York City. I will leave it to you to determine your own comfort level in using this site, but it does have some great jobs listed.
….not really expat jobs but International jobs and Internships. There are some very good listings here and many generic "we need au pairs" and "hospitality workers" recruiters soliciting resumes. It’s not the best site, so be sure to read things over very carefully before submitting a resume or CV in response to any announcements. Many of the listings I looked at included some form of contact information, but it was sketchy. Anyone can use the "Apply Online" ("Postulez en ligne!") feature to submit a CV or resume. If you see several postings that interest you, you can consider creating a free account and posting your resume/CV for employers to review once the CVbank is operational. Not everything here is in English, so if that is your only language you will need to be sure to indicate you only want to see announcements in English. The site is based in France.
Expat Workforce
This site offers employers a way to contract experienced, native-English speaking expats living abroad at a lower rate than you might pay a local contract employee because these folks are living in a lower-cost area. Expats seeking work can register for free. Employers can also create a free account, but all that lets you do is browse the profiles. If you want to post jobs and actually contact the people listed here, you’ll need to buy access. You can look around a little without registering to see if you like what you see.

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…large job portal covering numerous countries. I’ve linked to the very front page where you can make your country selection. Note that some countries are presented in German while others are in English. You can also switch between countries after selecting any one. You can search these sites by keywords and locations or browse by Profession, Job Category, and Location (specific cities and regions for each country are listed). All users can look at the announcements, but only registered users will be able to forward resumes/CVs in response to listing they see. Registration is free, you only need to do it once to cover the full portal, and it does not require you upload your resume/CV to the site. While they cover some of the usual countries, I’m particularly happy to see good representation in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa, and the Philippines.
Going Global is designed to support international job seekers and professionals with a great array of original country-specific career information. This site’s content and links provide users with a comprehensive tool kit for evaluating, selecting and moving into a successful career in a foreign country, including resume/CV writing advice, job sources, work permit and visa regulations, cultural advice on more than 40 countries. Based on Mary Anne Thompson’s book The Global Resume and CV Guide, this is a treasure-trove of not only where to look but how to look for new opportunities in various countries. Mary Anne is an expert in this field, and the material in the database and in the book is original country content that is being hand gathered, monitored and updated by in-country professional researchers. Some of the content is provided directly on this and other partner sites for free. The majority of the content however is in a PDF format and available for purchase and download for a very reasonable fee. Most of the country guides are over 70 pages long and are filled with excellent articles and information resource lists. If you are serious about your international job search, then the guides are worth the investment.
…a leading provider of permanent recruitment, contract professionals and talent management solutions worldwide. Hudson has recruiting offices in over 20 countries working to assist companies who want to find the best talent in almost any field. You can connect to these locations and current list of openings from the central Search for Global Jobs, but be prepared to read the local language.
…clearinghouse of internships, jobs, study, and housing opportunities for recent college grads seeking opportuniites internationally. Most listings are in Europe. Membership is free but is not required to see the iWork job listings, but some are "anonymized" so only paying members can review them. You must register to apply for any listings found here, and if you decide you want to be a paying member, the fee is low.
…based in Singapore, "iHipo stands for international High Potential network. iHipo is a social network that connects students and young professionals with international employers. It serves as a platform for peer-to-peer communication and recruiting." Very nice selection of international jobs and internships here. You can search the jobs without registering, but to apply you must register (free). iHipo targets college and university graduates, and you must provide the name of your school at the time of registration. It then asks you to ple se fill in a complete profile so employers can find you. Any false profiles will be removed as this site wants to maintain a high level of professionalism. US students seeking employment abroad must note that many of these jobs require proficiency in languages other than English plus the appropriate work visas.
International Herald Tribune, the global edition of the New York Times
…news and information from all over the world. Job Classifieds are hosting in conjunction with
International Career Employment Center
… a weekly international employment newspaper for subscribers, but a few job listings are accessible non-subscribers online, including the “hot jobs” that employers are urgently seeking to fill. You can also register to get these via email.
International Jobs, Career Services for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin
This guide includes articles on the realities of this search, lists of resources by location, places to look for long-term and short-term opportunities, and the rules for the search (no, they are not the same everywhere). Absolutely wonderful!
…offers a one-stop shop for any service a student wishing to study abroad could need, including job listings. I only noticed US jobs in the job search database (plus 9 listings from Ontario) but they did offer suggestions for searching for work in other countries. Nice info for students on loans, colleges that are willing to help fund foreign students, insurance needs, etc.
IRC Global Executive Search Partners
…a worldwide professional alliance of retained search firms. Each firm has a local presence, but combined they create a tremendous resource for executive search. You can select a region from the front page to view the member offices. There are a couple of job listings available for you to review, but most of their searches are confidential. Qualified professionals are welcome to submit a CV/resume (in English) for consideration using the form provided. You may also want to contact the office local to you to introduce yourself.

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…indexes and posts classified ads (including jobs) for numerous countries worldwide. Operated by Yalwa GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany, you can select your country and a specific city from the menu, then either browse or search the lists. You do not need to register for a free account to search or even post a classified ad, but posting is a bit easier if you are registered.

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Right under the "search jobs" box you can select either US Locations or International Search. "International" will prompt you for a country (click on the plus sign next to each continent to expand the country list) combined with a city or postal code. I suggest you limit yourself to a country except for larger metropolitan areas such as London, Dubai, and such. If you prefer to target just one country, you can browse the full list of sites in the Monster Network, scrolling down the page to their International List. You can also go directly to the Monster Global Gateway
NES Global Talent
…"the specialist company within the NES Group that provides engineering services and specialist staff support solutions to its worldwide client base across the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Infrastructure markets. Our network of offices spans Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East and results in the Group being ideally placed to service client needs anywhere in the world." You can easily search the jobs (either international or UK) from the box on the front page, or select a sector/discipline from the left menu. Explore the links to their various international locations to view information on those regions and jobs. NES will assist with visas for many of the countries if you have the appropriate credentials and qualifications. You can use the "quick apply" feature to respond to any listing, but the best way for you to apply is to register your CV (free) which will also allow you to set up job alerts and respond quickly to new announcements.
Nordic Staff
…a multilingual recruitment supplier to some of Europe”â„¢s best employers, placing many Nordic speakers in permanent jobs around Europe. The positions they are working to fill are located across Europe and the UK. You can review these by language skills or by location, but you must meet all criteria regarding work and language skills. They encourage you to complete their free registration and place your CV/resume in their database as they search their database for qualified candidates before publicly posting new listings. Please note: Nordic citizens have a right to work in the UK, and I assume that goes the other way too. Citizens of other countries / regions who do not currently hold work permits for the UK / Europe should contact them prior to registering or applying for positions.
……"features overseas jobs and international employment opportunities for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers." Job seekers can review jobs, articles, and resources here without completing the free registration, but if you wish to register a resume you will need to be a member. Persons seeking work in countries where they are not citizens will be very interested in the Articles and Advice section, where you’ll find very good advice on visas, etc. is part of the network.

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…nice source for job listings from all around the world. You can search without registering, but registration does allow you to easily submit a resume in response to listings found here. You can opt to make your resume "private" so it cannot be reviewed by persons or agencies searching the database.
A search engine for classified ads. Yes, it covers the US, but it also covers the UK, India, Spain, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, and Sweden. Select your target country, and please note that you must be able to read the local language.
Robert Walters
"Established in 1985, Robert Walters specializes in permanent, contract and temporary recruitment in following sectors: Accounting, Finance, Banking, IT, Management Consultancy, General Management, Call Centre, Secretarial & Support and Legal. Robert Walters recruits at all levels of seniority, offering a tailored service in each. […]" Robert Walters has offices throughout the United Kingdom, continental Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South Africa." As a worldwide employer and recruiter have terrific information to offer to all job seekers, including a marvelous free Salary Survey. This outlines market demand along with particular positions and salary variations based on seniority. The survey is in PDF, so Adobe’s Acrobat Reader will be needed to review and print this document. Other areas of the website are also quite good for career advice, but be careful with the CV/Resume advice. It appears to be good for non-US consideration, but seems to suggest adding information we do not generally present to employers in this country. There are 2 navigation points to use to move around the site — the top bar and the compass on the right. Some very good guides to living and working in various regions of the world.

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SAM Headhunting
…a global executive search company represented in 19 countries currently handling more than 350 searches worldwide. You can opt to view all searches currently being handled by their many divisions or select a target office and view only those searches. Candidates can submit their CV to the candidate database at each office and to subscribe to their monthly electronic newsletter in English. All office sites are available in English and the native language of the region in which they are located.
StepStone is a network of sites with listings for jobs in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Select the country you wish to work in from the pull down menu or click on the country on the map of Europe.
…based in the UK, this international job board allows you to search across more than 30 industry sectors to find jobs that interest you. You do not need to register to review the jobs, but applying for a job through this site will register you as a user and place your resume / CV in their database. They do have a notice stating this at the bottom of the form, so be aware and be prepared should you find jobs here that interest you.
… this UK-based site is an international job site with lots of good listings. Under Job Search you can choose your geographic concentration (very specific for the UK, but scroll the list for full options)
Top Language Jobs
…some truly fantastic jobs for professionals in all fields with language skills. You can search by language, location, or industry to find jobs that match your professional qualifications with your language skills. You can search and view the jobs without registering, but to apply for positions listed here and to access other areas of the site you will need to register (free), which means creating an extensive profile to be stored here. This particular portal on the network is in English, but you will find other gateways in other languages at the bottom of the page.
…a leading search engine for classified ads (including jobs) in Europe and Latin America, and now covering the US too. I have linked to the US site, but you can easily switch to their other country-specific sites using the links at the bottom of the page. These include Spain (their home base), the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Canada, Colombia, and India. Trovit Search S.L. is registered in the Barcelona Company Registry, and their full contact information can be found under "Legal Notices".

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