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August 2013

  • Job Search Advice, Tips and Pointers — Added a highly recommended article, “Why You Can�t Get A Job � Recruiting Explained By the Numbers” by Dr. John Sullivan, that gives job searchers an important understanding of how corporate recruiting works. The writer then applies this understanding to give practical tips for resumes and overall job search approach.
  • Networking Tips and Pointers — Added a good primer, “Step-by-step Guide: Networking Your Way Into a Dream Company,” by Hannah Morgan on how to connect with the right person when you’ve either found a job listing or company of interest.
  • Job Search Guidance: Advice for the Mature Job Seeker — Added a link to a set of helpful tips for boomer job searchers, “How Not To Act ‘Too Old’ When Job Hunting” by Miriam Salpeter (jobs.aol.com).

July 2013

May 2013

  • Career Research Center — Updated all salary and job count data to 2012, which was just published by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.
  • Finance and Accounting — Added KForce, a Mass. based finance and accounting staffing firm.
  • Executive Recruiting Firms — Added Versique, a Minn. based executive search group focused on sales, marketing, engineering, and operations.
  • Lawyers and other Legal Professionals — Added Attorney Resource, a Texas / Oklahoma staffing firm for legal professionals.
  • Medical Fields— Added Foundation Medical Staffing, an Oklahoma staffing firm specializing in dialysis jobs for traveling nurses. Added Weatherby Healthcare, a locum tenens placement service for physicians, nurses, and physician assistants.
  • Job Banks and Career Search — Added Career Monkey site, an ecclectic mix of job postings help this Washington state based site live up to its self-billing as presenting the “Coolest Jobs on Earth.”

February 2013

October 31, 2012

September 20, 2012

New This Week

August 30, 2012

Status of the Backlog: I have reviewed everything submitted through July 16, 2012, then I went through the remaining backlog and deleted several requests that quickly revealed they did not meet the minimum criteria for inclusion. That leaves 35 68 emails in the queue awaiting attention, but I haven’t reviewed any of the 354 e-newsletters sitting in that queue….

A note about next week

Next week, the US celebrates Labor Day on September 3, but an even more important date is September 7, my husband’s birthday. I might not get much done on the website as I get things together for a party we are hosting, so please be patient with me. Thank you.

New This Week

  • Ex-Offender: Resources, etc.: News You Can Use — I added this section to allow me to post articles and news updates that feature information for former felons as well as those who work with them. I just added a link to a nice article explaining a recent enforcement guidance issued by the EEOC with reference to employer use of conviction and arrest records in hiring / firing decisions. Yes, you should read this.
  • Help with Your Resume: Tips and Pointers — added 2 articles from employers explaning how they review resumes and why they reject so many (and it is for such simple things, but it is generally the fault of the resume!).
  • Scams & Schemes: Research Resources — added Fraudwatchers.org to our list of resources. No, the people behind this site do not identify themselves because they have become targets for doing the work they do, but you will appreciate their insight and guidance. Several areas are not in English, so this is a good international resource.
  • NonProfits: Executive Search Firms — added m/Oppenheim Associates, an executive search firm working specifically in the nonprofit sector. Their client list is impressive, and their list of past searches is amazing. They have some current searches listed on their site, and they welcome contact from highly qualified individuals interested in new opportunities. I also listed them on our page of Executive Search Firms.

Updates / Edits / Corrections

I deleted one listing because the domain name has expired (never a good sign). A few others were updated, but I am waiting for September when it seems half of the electronic world changes their servers.

August 16, 2012

Status of the Backlog: I have reviewed everything submitted through July 10, 2012, and there are 68 emails in the queue awaiting attention. I’m guessing everyone is on vacation.

Vacation Notice

I will be out of the office Monday, August 20, through Friday, August 24. I will be monitoring but will not be responding to email. I will return to the office on Monday, August 27.

New This Week

  • NonProfits: Philanthropy / Fundraising / Grantmaking — added a link to the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers and the resources they have for those seeking employment in this field.
  • Executive Pay & Compensation: Severance Packages — Severance is not just for the senior execs / VPs / C-suite folks. I have added a great article from Forbes.com titled How to Negotiate Severance. If you are being let go from an employer with whom you have a long relationship, you should be talking about severance. And if they are asking you to sign a non-compete, they had better be offering you sufficient compensation for the duration.
  • Interviewing Advice — added a new article from Alison Green, one of my favorites, on the best questions for you to ask at the end of the interview (and why these questions will impress the interviewer!).
  • Legal Issues in Employment & Hiring: Credit Reports & Background Checks — I have added a link to the 2012 “Use of Credit Information in Employment Legislation” list, courtesy of the National Conference of State Legislatures. Check to see if your state is considering a restriction on the use of credit reports during the hiring process, and applaud the 7 states that do!
  • British Isles: Executive Resources and Executive Job Search Resources: Interim Executives — in both of these locations I have added a link to Impact Executives, a leading interim management provider to organisations of every size in the UK and globally.
  • British Isles: England — added a link to Jobs in Leeds, working to connect people with the available opportunities in “the UK’s third largest city” and “the main centre for financial and business services in the country outside London.” Excellent jobs here!
  • British Isles: Healthcare / Medical / Scientific — added ID Search & Selection, a specialist recruitment agency working across the healthcare / medical communications sector. “We are a trusted partner to pharmaceutical companies and medical communications agencies and recruit at all levels of seniority for both permanent and contract/freelance jobs.”
  • Veterans / Transitioning Personnel: Job Search Advice — added a link to the blog “Switch”, offering advice on navigating the civilian career world after you have left the military. By veterans for veterans!

Updates / Edits / Corrections

I have re-listed several articles and websites which have been deleted in the past couple of months due to access problems. In addition, edits were made on the following pages:

August 9, 2012

Status of the Backlog: I have reviewed everything submitted through June 24, 2012, and there are 80 emails in the queue awaiting attention.

New This Week

  • Job Search Guides: Great Gurus and One-Stop Advice Shops — added a link to the Total Guide from Total Mortgage. This is a collection of articles covering topics like home buying, financial planning in different situations, job search, and more. Total Mortgage created this collection to help people with life planning, because buying a home is a part of planning for your life. You’ll also find this site linked from our page Consider Relocating.
  • Jobs in Government in the US: US Department of Defense & Military Service — I have added a link to the recruiting site for the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW), US Dept. of Defense. These are civilians who serve alongside the US Military and fill crucial functions such as Senior Cultural Advisors, Logisticians, Contract Administrators, Public Affairs Specialists, and Engineers.
  • Jobs in Government in the US: Security Clearance Required — added ClearedJobs.Net, “a job board for security cleared job seekers to find their next government contractor, defense or intelligence job!” Yes, you must have a current, active security clearance in order to use this site.
  • Executive Job Search Resources: Executive Job Search & Career Management Advice — added a link to information on New Higher’s Higher Call. These are free telephone seminars offering tools, techniques, and instruction to help you perform better personally and professionally. The calls are about 1 hour, half of which is an open question-and-answer period. New Higher is a consulting firm dedicated to “improving the way the world works by helping professionals find and grow their talent.” Check out the list of upcoming topics, and listen to some of the previous seminars, then register for the next call (free).
  • International: British Isles: Recruiters & Resources – added a link to Boots UK, the pharmacy / health / beauty retailer. Why yes, they do list job openings for their stores in the UK and Ireland on their website, along with jobs in their headquarters. And they have jobs for recent graduates too.
  • International: British Isles: Healthcare / Medical / Scientific — We have added Outcomes UK to our list of recruiters for this market. They provide services to support the implementation of policy, modernisation and partnership agendas in the Children’s Services and Adult Health and Social Care sectors.
  • Computing & Technology: General Recruiters / IT Job Sites — added 2 new listings. First up is Focus Technology Group, a professional services firm delivering expert Information Technology (IT) Services to Commercial and Federal clients across the US. Then we have Headhuntable.com, featuring “Developer jobs for code ninjas.”
  • Engineering: Civil Engineering — added a link to the article “Civil Engineering Career Tips” from Pro-Tec Equipment. Nice Q&A with several engineers on education, career options, and more for anyone in this field. Pro-Tec employs a lot of civils….
  • Engineerin : Materials — added The Plastic Job Source, operated by Management Recruiters of Columbia (MD) and featuring jobs in all aspects of plastics — engineering, manufacturing, design, production, etc. Their clients are located across the US and Puerto Rico and span numerous industries.
  • Telephone Directories — added PhoneBooks.com, a searchable directory of phone numbers which is a bit more friendly than some similar sites. Nice reverse directory, and yes, you can search by address too. Want to be removed? That’s also easy.
  • Sales & Marketing: General Resources — added ACA Talent to our list of resources. Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, this search firm has a division dedicated to helping clients across the US find the best Sales professionals. ACA Talent also works in other job fields (they list Marketing under that group), so I also listed them on our page for Recruiters & Staffing Firms.

Updates / Edits / Corrections

Not much in the way of edits this week. I did delete one site which appears to have disappeared and updated a few other links, but I’m sure this period of relative stability will change in the coming weeks.

August 2, 2012

Status of the Backlog: I have reviewed everything submitted through June 1, 2012, and there are 101 emails in the queue awaiting attention.

New This Week

  • Medical: Travel / Locum Tenens — added Onward MD, recruiting physicians for locum tenens/travel opportunities, and CNPs, PAs, Midwives, Nurse Anesthetists, and other specialists for locum tenens/travel, local contract, and permanent positions across the US.
  • Computing / Technology: More Recruiters / IT Job Sites — added 2 new recruiting/staffing firms. PeopleStaff in Atlanta specializes in technology, enterprise IT and PeopleSoft / Oracle sectors. Ranger Technical Services in Ft. Lauderdale FL offers both contract and permanent assignments across the US.
  • International: British Isles: IT / IS — added 2 resources. First, we have ITJobs-online.com, a leading specialist jobsite for professionals looking for work in Information Technology and Telecoms across the UK and Europe. Second, there is Bubble Jobs, a central resource for digital, e-commerce, online, social media and internet marketing jobs in the UK, Australia and across Europe (plus a bit farther). I also added Bubble Jobs to our resources for Writing /Broadcasting / Media: Online Content / Social Media
  • International: British Isles: Engineering / Architecture — added TopEngineeringJobs.com, listing numerous opportunities that span the engineering spectrum in the UK.
  • Finance & Accounting: Commodities / Futures Trading — added Wall Street Services, a staffing and recruiting firm placing the finest MBA consultants, financial service professionals, accountants, analysts, high level administrative, investment banking, operations, private equity, wealth management, trading, accounting, and financial engineering. In addition to Commodities / Futures Trading, they have opportunities in Corporate Finance / Banking / Accounting, Investment Finance & Securities, and Risk Management.
  • Veterans / Transitioning Personnel: DOD / Government-Sponsored Job Services — added Hero 2 Hired (H2H), a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Project-funded site where Reserve Component service members can connect and find employment, and employers can find the well-trained, highly skilled individuals they need. The site also offers free career assessment, networking, and military-to-civilian skills translators for you to use. H2H also sponsors “live” events and virtual career fairs, so take some time to tour the site.
  • Diverse Resources: Women — added The Daily Muse, a site dedicated to being a valuable resource for women looking for information, advice and tips on entrepreneurship and careers. And jobs.
  • International: Africa & The Middle East: Lebanon — I reorganized this page some to pull out some more individual countries for the Middle East, and then added Lebanon and the retained search firm of Kawas Consulting. Technically this firm should be a regional resource (they have handled successful searches in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Iraq, Bahrain, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania, and many other African Countries), but I will list it here with a second listing on our page for Executive Search Firms: J K L.

Updates / Edits / Corrections

Wow, a lot of sites have disappeared in the past week, and that doesn’t count a few I think (hope) are just experiencing some technical difficulties. Actually, I double-checked a few of those right before I posted this, and found that 2 were back up, so they were quickly reinstated.

July 19, 2012

Status of the Backlog: I have reviewed everything submitted before May 17, 2012, and there are 141 emails in the queue awaiting attention. Yes, that is more than there were last week.

New This Week

  • Jobs in Government in the US: Civilian Opportunities, US Armed Forces — Created this new category and added several links to civilian positions with the US Armed Forces. Many of these are NAF jobs with the various post exchanges and MWR groups, and are especially good for military spouses and veterans, but folks living near the many forts, bases, and yards should also look them over.
  • Local US: New England / MidAtlantic: Regional Resources — added a link to Profiles, a staffing agency for Creative, Online & Marketing, Web and IT with offices in Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, and Richmond (VA). “We recruit professionals for freelance, temporary, and direct hire opportunities.”
  • Hospitality — added The Bistro Exchange, a marketplace for the hospitality industry. It includes industry news, businesses and other items for sales, lists of services and suppliers, and a very active job board.
  • Resources for the Disabled — added BigTentJobs, a Michigan-based recruiting agency places “gifted and college-educated professionals, including those with hidden and visible disabilities, in positions at leading companies”.
  • International: British Isles: IT / IS — added Adria Solutions, job specialists based in Cheshire working to assist employers who seek IT and sales personnel in the north-west as well as across the UK

Updates / Edits / Corrections

Yes, I did a lot of these too. I didn’t bother keeping track.

July 12, 2012

Status of the Backlog: I have reviewed everything submitted before May 1, 2012, and there are 140 emails in the queue awaiting attention.

New This Week

Updates / Edits / Corrections

In addition to these changes, I was able to re-list several resources pulled from the site as far back as April.