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The Riley Guide:

This is just a quick guide to ways you can use The Riley Guide along with some resources for you. Please note that we do not act as an agent for any service listed in this guide. We do not post resumes nor jobs in databases nor act as an intermediary between you and these sites.

Recruiters! We’re happy to link to your website, provided it has useful information for job seekers and potential candidates and contact information for you (minimum a name and phone number). Please see our information under How to Get Listed.

New to Online Recruiting?

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Ready to Post Your Jobs?

If you want a Big Response, Go Big!

  • Job Lead Banks like Monster and CareerBuilder are not affiliated with a specific recruiter. Yes, they are big, but there are many more smaller services too.

Something a Big Smaller? Limit Yourself by Location

  • Local US Resources links to sites and services for specific states and/or regions of the US, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands.
  • International Resources connects you to similar services outside of the US.
  • Newspapers & Magazines are still active recruiting resources for local and/or targeted audiences

Afraid of Overwhelming Resume Spam? Consider Targeted Sites that Focus on one Industry or Occupation

You name it, we probably have it covered.

We can also help you find Unions, Associations, & Societies to expand on what we’ve listed here.

Target Various Audiences Online

For those of you particularly interested in hiring veterans and transitioning military personnel, you might want to look at the Hire Military blog for information and suggestions.

Need Less-Experienced, Part-Time, Seasonal, or Flexible Help?

Remember, the Recruiters and Staffing Firms can also help you find someone fast.

Not finding just what you need? Use our list of More Online Job Search Directories to see what they might have to offer you.

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Prefer to Work With a Recruiter?

Before you contact recruiters, know what services you need and how to evaluate the various firms. We have information on Working with Recruiters & Search Firms.

You might also use our list of More Online Job Search Directories to see what they might have to offer you.

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Want Some Help with Salary & Compensation?

If you hire a recruiter to help you, they can offer very good advice in this area, so ask! Otherwise, The Riley Guide has an extensive collection of Salary Guides you can review along with resources for Executive Compensation and Benefits. We have also added Industry and Occupation-Specific Salary Guides to their relevant pages, so you’ll see them as you look at those. Many salary guides we list offer free data, but you might need more focused information that is more closely related to your specific need. In this case you will need to pay for it.

Overwhelmed? Check out Online Recruiting News and see what others have to say about recruiting via the Internet.

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