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The Riley Guide: About the Guide

First-time Visitor?

The Riley Guide is organized into major category sections based on what you need, and these links appear on every page. Here are a suggestions for using the guide:

Want an overview of everything? Check the Sitemap. This lists all the categories and all their contents in one location.

Already have a good idea of what you need? Try the A to Z Index. This keyword index will link you to spots in the site where that information is listed.

Haven’t Job Searched in a While? (or Ever?)

If you are feeling overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start, let us suggest the following:

Need pointers on job searching? Start with How to Job Search. This section of the guide covers everything from resumes to interviews to employer research and how to find job leads online. The very first article, How to Use The Internet in Your Job Search introduces you to the entire job search process and offers the Online Job Search Quick Start to help you get rolling fast!

Unsure what kind of job or career you want? Explore Career Options! These many guides offer you information on all kinds of careers. Some, like MyNextMove, even let you enter your skills and qualifications and will suggest jobs for which you are qualified. Still need a bit more help? Try our Self-Assessment Tools and other resources included under Before You Search.

Need to talk to someone? Check our list of Networking and Support Groups to see if there is one in your area. Also check with your local public library to see if they know of any groups in your area. If you prefer, we also have resources to help you locate Counselors, Coaches, and Mentors.

Just want to find lists of recruiters or job sites? Head to our list of Sites with Job Listings. This page lists over 50 pages and includes job banks, executive seach firms, recruiters and staffing firms, job resources for all 50 states plus DC and some of our dependencies, lots of non-US resources, and sites for many career fields and industries. Scroll down the page to see them all!

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