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Teen, Seasonal, & Kinda Cool Opportunities

You should also check the Local US Resources along with the
Part-time/Hourly & Temporary Employment resources.

This page includes a variety of options, resources, and opportunities for you to consider. Don’t limit yourself to what is here if you are looking for summer work or a way to work from home, but these things are specifically set up for these topics.

Opportunities & Info for Teens

…jobs and employer information geared to job seekers in high school and/or college. Registration is required in order to apply for positions listed here, but it is free and they seem to have a good privacy policy in place. There are a number of good employers listed and you can search the jobs before you register to make sure there are things that interest you. The Community Center includes good career and life info and help with SAT/ACT exams.
"Employment help and Jobs for Teens!" I spotted this one in an email from SchoolLibraryJournal.com, so I had to check it out. This site was started by brother and sister Celeste and Austin Labin to help everyone like them (meaning, their age) learn how to find a job. There are numerous jobs listed here, browsable by categories like Summer, Administrative, Internships, Camp Staff, and more, or you can opt to search by keywords. You can also click on the big Find a Job button to get a list of states to target your search a bit more closely to home. The blogs are interesting, the Job Advice and Job Resources area are very good, and the Resume Builder is only there to help you map out a resume. You will not be able to print out your final document nor store it here, but you can cut-and-paste it into Word and save it there. All the jobs include an "apply now" button which allows you to create a cover letter (letter of intention) and attach your resume. No registration required, and no fees for job seekers. Jobs are posted until the employer contacts the site to request removal. There are a lot of extremely old postings here, so be sure to check the date of posting.
Career Help for the Young and Restless
"This blog is for young adults, those who love them and those who teach, counsel or mentor them." It is authored by Carol Christen, a veteran career strategist and co-author of What Color Is Your Parachute for Teens.
The Student Conservation Association
"SCA is a nationwide conservation force of college and high school volunteers who protect and restore America’s parks, forests, and other public lands." High school students can volunteer with the SCA, and students over the age of 18 can apply for internships and jobs with the association. "SCA offers 3-to-12 month, expense-paid internship opportunities in all 50 states, in more than 50 professional fields with the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, and state and local agencies, among others." At my Weed Warrior meeting last night, I saw a great presentation by an exotic plant management specialist with the US National Park Service, and she emphasized how the SCA interns and volunteers were utilized in this effort.
youth.gc.ca / jeunesse.gc.ca
…created to help prepare young people for the workplace and the job hunt, Canada’s Youth.gc.ca is a partnership among several agencies of the Canadian government and the private sector. Visitors to this website will find self-assessment tools and career resources, along with job opportunities and resources for starting your own business. This site is available in both English and French.
YouthRules! from the US Dept. of Labor
What are your rights as a teenager in finding a job and keeping it? Here’s where you find out. The YouthRules! initiative from the U.S. Department of Labor and its strategic partners promotes "positive and safe work experiences for young workers." This web site includes information for teens, parents, educators, employers, and the general public on Federal and State rules governing the hours and type of work that young employees may perform.
Young Workers
…Information on employment safety and the law for all workers under 18. Information is divided into sections for young workers, educators and parents, and employers, with special sections on Responsibilities, Rights, and Potential Hazards. Links to state child labor laws are provided.

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Seasonal / Kinda Cool Opportunities

Summer Jobs from Allen’s Guide to Summer Camps and Travel Programs
…job listings for camp counselors and others in these seasonal programs.
Back Door Jobs – Exciting Career Adventures
…companion site to the book, you can take a look at some of the short-term exciting or adventurous job experiences he includes in the full book. For a younger person, this could open some interesting doors. For an older person, it could be an interesting break from the suit and tie and that chance to follow your childhood dream of being a ranch hand….
…nice looking site for employment in summer camp programs in the US and Canada (and abroad, but there was nothing here at the time of review). You can opt to search by a specific camp, but we found it much easier to browse by position and region. Lots of jobs posted. When we looked in October 2006, we were already seeing jobs for the summer of 2007.
CollegePro Painters
…summer jobs painting houses in both the US and Canada
Cool Works
…lots of good seasonal jobs (not just summer) in national parks and other recreational areas all across the US
Summer Employment with iD Tech Camps
This family company offers award-winning technology programs at top universities in the U.S. and Canada, and every year they hire numerous summer staff to assist with instruction and administration. In addition to their regular tech summer camps they have the Gaming Academy, the Visual Arts Academy, and the Programming Academy, so they have a real need for you totally geeked out experts. Get your applications in ASAP!
My Summers
Summer jobs, mostly in summer camps. Free registration is required, and you must be 18 or older and a high school graduate to participate. The way it works is once you are registered (which includes filling in a bit of an application), your info will be forwarded to all of the camps that subscribe to this service. You can also search the job postings and apply to any jobs that look interesting.
Summer Camp Jobs USA
…website with some information on how to find a summer camp job plus an extensive guide available in print ($18) or as an eBook in either PDF or ePub for only $1! Can’t beat that. This site offers you some free tips and resources in addition to the book, and those resources are pretty good. The author, Michael Pastore, is editorial director of Zorba Press in Ithaca, NY, and an experienced camp director.
…lots of jobs for the summer months all over the world and a few for the fall too. Click on search and then select keywords or opt for a location search. Younger job seekers will want to look at the Articles and Advice area for information on teen work permits! Part of the AboutJobs.com network.

You may find similar listings in some resources under Sports, Recreation, & Hospitality. Be sure to also check the Local US Opportunities and consider contacting employers directly about short-term and seasonal opportunities.

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