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Telephone & Postal Directories & Maps


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These can be useful for learning more about an area or for targeting employers within a specific area. Many are intertwined, so you can look up an address, find all the similar businesses within a specific area around this address, and then get a map showing all their locations.

Telephone Directories

All Area Codes
…I like to double-check area codes to see where folks are located if they don’t give me a physical address or time frame in which to return calls. (This way, I’m not returning phone calls at 6 AM.) This free site allows you to check "all the cities, states, and other areas serviced under the North American Number Plan", which means the US and Canada. You can scan by state/city, browse by area code, or look at a list of states and see what area codes are included in their boundaries. Nice, simple, and very graphic-free!
AnyWho Internet Directory
…AT&T’s yellow, white, and toll free directories. Also includes a reverse lookup (plug in a phone number and find out who owns it) and links to international directories online.
Wow, this is cool. "This website’s mission is to provide our visitors with comprehensive and up to date information on how to dial internationally from the USA, Canada or from any other country that’s part of the North American Numbering Plan. Telephone country codes and international area codes are displayed by country, with additional info featured such as city and cellular codes, telephone books. In addition we provide a comprehensive list of country and exit codes." Look up any country, learn how to dial the codes, then scroll to the bottom of the page to check the current time in that location so you aren’t calling at 2 AM their time…
Infobel World, Telephone Directories on the Web
…a directory of many of the directories you can find online, including those already listed here. Nice feature is the numerous links to non-US directories!
…a pretty nice source for phone numbers and addresses. Please note — they limit the directory data for mobile phones. If you want your personal information removed from this site, you can easily submit a request. If you are using this to find someone or to find who is associated with a phone number, it is another easy resource.
…formerly know as Smartpages, the SBC Ameritech directory
Reverse Phone Directory
…free site offering reverse phone lookup as well as people searches. Seems to work okay, although you occasionally get a "no free match, you’ll have to buy this premium report" response. My only quibble — absolutely no info on who is running this site. If you decide to buy a premium report, make sure you know from whom you are purchasing it.
Verizon has replaced both Bigbook and Bigyellow with this new, integrated service. Nice feature — it includes not only Yellow and white pages but also Global directories.
…find people or businesses easily.
Yellow Book Yellow Pages
…published by Yellow Book USA, this independent directory publisher produces local directories, often overlapping geographic regions to create directories that better serve the community.
…an international directory of telephone directories, both yellow and white pages. He really is on top of what is available out there and makes it easy for you to find and connect to the directory you want.
Country and City Telephone Codes
A searchable or browsable directory of international country and city telephone dialing codes. The alphabetical list provided by ACR might be easier to read, but this one is all on one page. The Quick Search will translate city/country to the correct codes, or translate codes to the correct city/country. A service of Long Distance Post.

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You can use any of these online map services to find a specific address or city as well as driving directions to there from another location.

Please note that all of these services carry disclaimers saying you should use this information for planning purposes only and double-check everything with a trusted map and/or even the place or people you are going to visit. And if you are using these to find your way to an interview, drive them a day or two ahead just to be sure you know where you are going!

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