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How Headhunters and Recruiters Work

These articles discuss both both retained and contingency recruiting and the difference between the two services.

What You Should Know About Recruiters, Ralph Protsik, Managing Director, BSG TeamVentures / Boston Search Group, Inc.
"At some point in your career — probably sooner rather than later — you will be dealing with recruiters (a/k/a headhunters). You may be looking for a new position (actively or passively) or you may be hiring; in some cases you may be doing both at the same time. In any event you’ll find a basic knowledge of recruiters valuable as you manage your career." This is an excellent article written by the managing director of a retained search firm. It discusses the activities of both contingency and retained recruiters, how to evaluate their strengths, and how to build a good relationship with them.
Executive Search Consulting Demystified
…an excellent overview of how these recruiters work and how they compare to contingency recruiters from Kulper & Company LLC
How to Judge a Headhunter by Joe Borer (
…excellent article on how to evaluate recruiters, a.k.a. headhunters. Not all headhunters are good, not all are ethical, and not all have the real experience and connections with clients to make good placements. This article enumerates how you, the job seeker, can evaluate a recruiter and determine if he or she is worth your time, effort, and attention.

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How to Work With a Headhunter or Recruiter

These articles are applicable to both both retained and contingency recruiting.

How to Work with Headhunters, Nick Corcodilos
This book is one of the best I’ve read in a long time, including some of my favorite fiction. How to Work with Headhunters by Nick Corcodilos of answers every question you have about recruiters and recruiting in simple terms, adding in his terrific "Insider’s edge" commentary from his own personal experience as a headhunter. And, for all of us who just can’t find the right words at the right moment when talking with a recruiter, he provides you with the exact question or suggestion you need to make in response to a particular situation. (No, you shouldn’t take them verbatim from the book, but now that you know the idea you can use your own words. Nick’s book is not available in stores (but only through this exclusive TV offer...). Joking! It’s available for purchase from his website, It’s a downloadable PDF file, so you pay the fee and put the PDF on your computer. Then you can either read it online or print a copy to carry around and highlight in yellow, orange, pink, or green, or any combination of these. If you really want to know the best way to interact with recruiters and headhunters, this is a must-read for you!
Why Qualified Candidates Don’t Always Get the Best Jobs, Larry Slesinger, President and CEO, Slesinger Management Services (
"Over the past two years, I have conducted fifteen searches for nonprofit organizations seeking executive directors, chief operating officers, directors of finance and administration, and other senior staff. […] Of the 1,685 people who did not get the jobs, many were clearly unqualified, usually because they did not have enough experience or their experience was not relevant. But I’m sure that a number of applicants were quite qualified for the openings. Why did they not get the job? Why did most of them not even get an interview?" Mr. Slesinger tells you, in very clear language. So I urge you to read this and think about what he is saying before you send your next letter and resume in response to a job announcement.
Top 5 Tips for Making the Best Impression with Recruiters, Louise Garver (
"A recruiter’s success is based on finding the right talent to help clients hire the best available person. Knowing how to help recruiters recruit you will go a long way in demonstrating that you are the best candidate! "
The Care and Feeding of Headhunters and Recruiters, Kathryn Lee Bazan (
…nice article from a recruiter on how these people work, how best to work with them, and what to watch for in a bad or unethical recruiter.
Selecting and Working With the Right Search Firms: Things You Need to Know, Dr. Frank Heasley,
…excellent article by a long-standing recruiter for the healthcare and life sciences industries.

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