Architecture resume templates

Architecture is certainly a field where you plan and design buildings that could be placed in different places. These buildings can accomplish all sorts of functions, and it’s the job of any architect to design a building that is solid enough to stand, and a building that completes the aesthetic requirements of the people who hire the services of the architect. It is also important to understand the kind of importance that the building may take. Architects usually sum up their designing projects into three important terms:

  • Durability
  • Beauty
  • Utility

Nowadays, architecture has also taken an important concept in the design of the buildings which is environmental sustainability. This is why architects take into account the kind of effect that it could have on the environment itself, and this is why many have adopted several measures that contribute to the preservation of the environment itself. In your resume, you must also include the kind of technology that you use in the design of buildings. You may want to indicate the type of tools that you feel comfortable using. Point out your remarkable ability to handle programs such as CAD.

Your ability to help customers visualize your potential work is important. In your resume, you should include the fact that you have communication skills; otherwise, you may leave your hiring manager with the idea that you are not capable to explain your work by using a language that is understood by the customers. So, architects take an informative role when it comes to communicating projects. Architects may not only have to inform their customers but also businessmen, committees, and the general public.

Architectural projects often demand teamwork; so, indicate your capacity to work in teams and exchange ideas frequently. Mention the types of buildings that you have helped to design: retail stores, towers, stadiums, office buildings, hospitals, houses, condominium complexes, etc. Pointing out your ability to coordinate and organize meetings is important; architects often arrange meetings with all sorts of people: engineers, businessmen, contractors, etc. By the way, if you are interested in expanding your current knowledge about architecture, you should check these universities:

  • Columbia University in New York, NY (Master of Science program in Advanced architectural design or Master of Architecture.)
  • Princeton University in Princeton, NJ (Master of Architecture.)
  • Yale University in New Haven, CT (Master of Architecture, Master of Environmental Design, and Ph.D in Architecture.)
  • Cornell University (M. A and Ph.D in History of Architecture and Urban Development.)

To summarize, the creative mind of an architect is elemental to the construction of a building. An architect takes into account the aesthetic factor as well as the space factor in order to provide a building that is exactly what the customer wants. Having that said, to work as an architect it is necessary to send a well-redacted resume. Check the architecture resume sample that we have posted below.