Customer Service Resumes

Customer Service

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Working in customer service is a highly regarded and responsible endeavor. To let hiring managers see you’re the perfect candidate, your qualifications have to be delineated in a well constructed and professional resume.

Job Summary & Duties

Customer service is easily one of the most important aspects of any business. Whether you are an assistant manager, sattellite TV technician installer or call center representative, your job is to produce an exemplary product to the consumer. We do this through professionalism, expertise and experience. It’s an important position, requiring interaction with customers, providing services and information, dealing with disputes and resolving issues, and, overall, ensuring your employer is always shown in the best light. The customer service resume should be crafted to fit the field. Assistant manager, crew member, customer service advisor and more are all unique and promising opportunities. The details of the resume should highlight what you as a candidate bring to the employer. A sales associate resume will require completely different criteria than a rep in retail sales. The assistant manager’s resume would entail management training, project history and organizational skills. On the other hand, the satellite TV technician installer resume should be technical oriented, revealing details about training, certification and understanding of technology that a customer service advisor or sales associate would not need to have. Whatever the goal, utilizing a resource like MyPerfectResume would ensure your customer service resume is properly constructed with all the elements needed to attract hiring managers. There are examples of a wide range of resumes for specific industry titles to help tailor any customer service resume.

Salary Range

The customer service field is far too vast to pinpoint any single salary. Crew members can start at minimum wage. Sales associates and assistant managers would be looking at salary ranges commensurate with education, experience, work history, employer(s), etc. A call center representative can expect a rewarding salary based on their knowledge of the company, products, services, technological knowhow and more.
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